The food at CB was on a par with that at CN - plenty of choice. We ate at all 3 restaurants and found the meals equally good at all of them. Dover is the most romantic being by the sea. Service was excellent with no waiting for drinks or water glasses to be re-filled. Nothing to choose between CB and CN as far as we were concerned.

The bars were all well manned and the staff great fun. Top shelf brands appear at 5.30 pm every day. I did not notice any brands running out - I drank so much Grey Goose ,my husband thought I would sprout wings! There is a flag service on the beach and we also had drinks brought to us at the main pool and the pool beside the spa. I must stress that occupancy was only around 30% and so the staff were not rushed off their feet. We did miss the reggae music at the bars. But apart from that, nothing much between CB and CN.

At CB the entertainment stage is at one end of a large room. There are tables and chairs in front of the stage but it is not like CN where you can eat and watch the entertainment. I missed doing this and definitely preferred the set up at CN.

We ventured outside the resort. Once to buy some toothpaste and once to walk to St. Lawrence Gap. We were not hassled at all and felt perfectly safe. We also hired a car for a day and drove round the island. Well, that was our intention, but we got horribly lost and kept going round in circles and ending up at the same place. The roads are in better order than in Jamaica and the drivers are not so dangerous. It was nice to see the sugar cane fields and the old plantation houses.

So, all in all, which do I prefer? CB for the rooms, quiet beach, ease of walking around and the staff. CN for the calm sea, the reggae and less wind. There is a vibe in Jamaica which is not in Barbados - hard to describe. Jamaica seems more laid back, Barbados more civilised and British. Jamaica seems more "foreign" to me.

If I was offered a free week right now, which would I choose.......? CN!!