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    Default After 5PM at SSB

    After something-teen trips to CN, we're going to try CSS. After 5PM, SSB becomes c/o, right? Is it flooded with clothed people? Gawking couples? What's the vibe after 5? At CN, on our true "sand gravity" days, my wife and I are on the nude beach from 7 in the morning until 7 at night, and we'd just as soon stay nude after 5 unless it gets weird.

    Also, can you go out there early in the morning, before 8?


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    We were by the pool around 7:45am every morning for two weeks and besides the lifeguards raking the sand and clearing up leaves there were possibly 1 or 2 people there before us on some mornings - most of the time we were first there (although the 'towel fairy' had been there and taken most of the loungers by the time we arrived).

    We only stayed at the beach past five pm three times and by the time we left around 5:30-5:45 we had not seen one person visiting the beach - as the sun was setting around 6:45 to 7pm I guess anyone interesting in photos would not arrive until around that time rather than 5.

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    On my 2 visits there we hung out past 5 ..was in the pool though.People do come over clothed as there is a saxaphone player and it IS sunset beach.Don't think I saw people hanging on the beach nude, but the pool was definately not empty at 5..pretty much by 6, 6:30 though as dinner reservations and such..Don't think super early is a are gonna love much more private than CN and has a pool!

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    First, yes you can go out before 8 am. The bar opens officially at 10 am. (Heck I guess you could sleep out there if you don't mind mosquito bites.)

    After 5 pm it becomes clothing optional, and mainly what this means is the "textile" people come over to see the sunset. A few will come to the bar for a drink, some just out of curiosity, and of course there are a few just gawking.

    But it never got "weird" except for one day when a rather insecure (?) nude gal got kind of irate that the textile people were "gawking" at her. She immediately assumed they were making fun of her size (she was a bigger gal) and proceeded to throw a hissy-fit and made them feel like crap about being there. Unbeknownst to her, these people were actually trying to work up the courage to come over and try out SSB for themselves the next day and wanted to make sure that people at SSB were as open an accepting as everyone says (or maybe they wanted to make sure it wasn't some big pile of people laying around having group sex). In any event, SHE made them feel very uncomfortable. We, however, talked with them a bit, soothed their fears and made them feel welcome.

    Other than that one occurrence, no weirdness. SSB is awesome!
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    -Yes, becomes c/o after designated time (changes based on time of year).
    -Don't recall a "flood" of clothed people for sunset viewing, stayed mostly around pool area. Most coming over to watch sunset went out towards ocean.
    -Vibe after 5 is still pretty mellow! Not many "gawkers" come aroound pool least not for very long!
    -Yes, definitely can go out as early as you want. Bar doesn't open until 10ish, but the beach and pool are open!!
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    Hi Vybz, After 5pm (or 6pm during the summer months) textile folks can come over to SSB to enjoy the sunset. Not every person puts their clothes back on at that time. Hubby and I tend to stay by the pool, so the only time we may see a clothed person is when they come to the bar to order a drink. We haven't seen any gawkers by the pool, but it may be a different story if stay naked on the beach. Yes you can go over early in the morning; however, if the pool is being cleaned, you may not be able to swim in the pool, but the ocean is still available! Have a great trip!

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    It really depends on so many variables that there's no way to know how many will arrive. If it's a nice sunset day, there may be quite a few visitors. There are no clothing police that come out at 5, and most of the textile people stay away from the pool/bar area, so it's fine to stay nude. In January when we go, it's common for the remaining AN people to hop into the hot tub or sit back in our chairs until the sun sets and the others leave.

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    Oops, Forgot your second question. Yes, you can go to SSB at any time. The bar isn't staffed until later though, so remember to bring water to drink.

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    It doesn't get wierd. I got a massage on the AN beach at 6pm. Ruth asked me if I wanted to be covered. Heck I'd been nekkid all day I didn't care that textile crowd was coming over.

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    Thanks to all for your responses. We've been going to CN for years so the notion of "someone walking by might see us nekkid" is no longer an issue. We just don't want to feel like a bell goes off and everyone wraps up. Don't interrupt my beach coma. Sounds like it will all be irie.

    That's truthfully why we have only been to CTI once. The island is on a schedule, plus there is no sand or beach to speak of. Not for us.

    We certainly understand why some don't like CN because of the lack of privacy. But man, the beach, the water, the sand...can't be beat. We'll try CSS and who knows, maybe we'll be converted.

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    WE stayed several times well past 5pm. There were some clothed people for the sunset but not a "flood" for sure. We stayed naked around the pool area and this was not a problem. We spent a lot of time in and by the sea before 5pm but did not go down there naked after 5pm. It wasn't because we were afraid to be seen naked, I think you could go anywhere on SSB naked and people wouldn't care, it just didn't come up at that time. I wish the bar didn't close so early though.

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    We were there last week and one evening 3 young couples came over to "view the sunset". It was pretty obvious they were very curious about the AN aspect though and with 5 minutes 1 couple was naked in the pool. In another 2-3 minutes the second couple was. The 3rd couple, who had just gotten married took a little longer but with some encouragement they joined the others!!

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    I agree with michael
    I have seen a lot of times when folks are coming over to see if they would like to come to SSB
    They are trying to figure out if we are all a bunch of weirdos
    There are occasionally gawkers that come and sit at the bar but not that often

    Several afternoons in July this year there were 50 people around the pool at SSB
    needless to say by 6pm, when SSB is supposed to become clothing optional, there were many folks still in the pool area.


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    Technically SSB doesn't open for textiles until 6pm from April to August (see AN section under FAQs). Knowing this, in late July me and a couple of others ran to the beach and dove into the water to stir it up a bit for the textiles that had gathered at 5pm. We all had a good laugh so no worries. Does cause a bit of confusion but made for a good story back home no doubt.

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    In the summer sunset is much later so seldom do people wander over for pictures before 6:00PM. We were there in November 2012 and the flood gates open at 5:00 PM, sunset is about 5:30. A few of us hung by the pool bar - one evening the guard came over and said we had to cover up because there was a complaint??. It only happened once, but I will admit it bugged a few of us. As for being on the beach early, I run the circle (the road that passes SSB entrance and tennis courts, often about 6 AM, frequently stopping at SSB to sniff the fresh air. It's not unusual to see others there - most I recognize as SSB regulars. Can't say for sure but my guess is that many are the beach towel fairies - some won't actually occupy their claim until after 10 PM or later. Pretty annoying - for us it's usually the beach lounges and so far we have always found one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by summer swimmer View Post
    ...Can't say for sure but my guess is that many are the beach towel fairies - some won't actually occupy their claim until after 10 PM or later. Pretty annoying....
    Wow! They arrive early and put their towels down and then don't show up until 10 PM?
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    I just noticed in the sans souci social schedule (just 31 days till we return!) That it says "sunset hour - 5:00-6:00 - which we all knew, but it's listed only for Monday, Wednesday & Friday. I don't know how long that's been but that should keep the numbers down on the other nights. Seems like it was every night last time we went...

    The only time it got awkward for us was once when a group of 4 younger couples came at exactly 5, went straight to the Jacuzzi and all 8 people got in and pretty much just stared at us. Some of the women & men even kept their t-shirts on which made it even weirder.

    We held our ground though and eventually they left.

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