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    Default CTI suggestions, tips and helpful info on what to do and not do

    My husband and I just booked our honeymoon to CTI for December 2013. We have never been to an all inclusive nor Jamaica. We are looking for any info you might have on what to do, what not to do, what you wish you would have done or what you would have changed. Best clothes to bring and anything else that we might need to bring with us. Basically any hints you have. Maybe your favorite things you did or any best kept secrets. We can't wait to get there... Gonna be a long few months...

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    What dates are you there??? We'll be there dec.16-25.... A tip I could say is use the spa area even if your not getting a treatment. Last time we were there we figured out at the end of our trip that we could use the steam rooms together and they have more hot tubs over there and the Buddha pool. We decided that we'll be using that area a lot more during our trip this December!!!! And try the island

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    What week are you going? We are honeymooning, arriving Nov 30-Dec 7 at CTI. This is a rgeat post, I will be keeping an eye on the answers.

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    The best thing I can tell you is not to do to much.... enjoy CTI staff and relax
    Lance & Dawn

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    First suggestion, if the two of you are thinking / tempted to try the Isle, go early in your trip (also, pack extra sunscreen! Put it on in the room to start, making sure to cover *everywhere*! Spray-on screen doesn't work too well out on the Isle due to the wind, also). That way, if you like it, you've got the rest of your trip, if you (or he) don't like it, you've got the rest of your trip to enjoy yourselves.

    Go for a couples massage at the spa (or more than one!) If they offer it while you're there, go for the couples massage class, too!

    Make your restaurant reservations for 8 Rivers and Bayside on arrival (and even then you might be going later in your trip!)

    A dinner on the beach (or Isle {which is NOT A/N if you do dinner on the Isle}) is very romantic.


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    Great feedback!!! Thank you all so much. It always seems like you learn on every trip you go so this helps us a lot. We will be there Dec 22nd - 29th so kcsiemens we will see you there. Julieoolie we will just miss you but looking forward to hearing how your trip went. We want to see the Falls while we are there and have heard great things about them. My husband, I know, is looking forward to a day or more of relaxing on the beach and putting a flag up for another tastey beverage... lol. We have never been to Jamacia or an all inclusive before so we are really looking forward to it and having some fun. POPO we plan on hopefully a lot of relax time... if that is possible for us. kcsiemens and Jason def going to do the spa thing and the resturuant reservations. Great tips!

    Appreciate all the feed back


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    Does anyone remember how the bugs were and if there were sand fleas? Any suggestions on bug spray?

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    No sand fleas in October. We never pack bug spray.

    Iceweasle - definitely do the trip to Dunns River Falls and the Catameran cruise!! My trip would be to not try to cram too much in. You will find yourselves just wanting to relax! Congrats on the upcoming honeymoon!

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    Me and my hubby got married at cti in june 2009, and returned in 2011.

    We went in June, so not sure how different the weather is, but I brought lots of fancy dresses and heels I didnt wear as it was so hot And humid!
    Temp didnt really change at all from day to night, so keep it nice and floaty.
    The horseback riding trip was awesome, but do the morning one, or again itll be too hot.
    We paid to do the trip to bob marleys, amazing and well worth it, but bear in mind its around 2 hours each way in a jeep, so you end up with the dusty road all over you!
    Em, dont be afraid to let the resort photographer take pictures, theres no obligation to buy, go to the photoshop the day after and ask them to add them into a folder, then repeat, this way you can go towards the end of your trip and choose which you would like to buy.
    And enjoy! Its the most amazing place, and please have a wee pina colada in the jacuzzi overlooking the beach for me! Hope this helps!

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    Didn't experience any sand fleas and the only bugs were a few ants.

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    Iceweasle, how does hubby feel about trying the island??? A couple other things to try which we wish we did was movie under the stars night, kinda like a mini drive inn on the beach. We unfortunately fell asleep early that night!!! We also did the white river tubing excursion through Chukka and we really enjoyed that.

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    One other thing we did and will do again was sign up for couples massage class. We were the only 2 there and it was like an extra spa treatment for free... And it's come in handy since :-)

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    kcsiemens - he is good with the island... me on the other hand, I am a little apprehensive about it but we'll see. Defaintely was trying to plan for the movie night. It sounded fun, guess it depends on the movie. I am going to have to look at the white river tubing excursion... that sounds like a blast. Oh yeah the couples massage class is def on the list. He is laughing at me because I have a couple lists started of suggested items to take, what to do, what to see.. etc. Do they have a sports bar in the area? The honeymoon is during hockey season and we are huge fans.... wouldn't mind if there was a relaxing night where we can catch one of the games... if not, no biggie they aren't playing rivals that week.

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    Iceweasle, my wife felt the same as you at first. It started out when we booked the trip at "no way" and as it got closer it turned to "maybe and we'll see" and finally on our way there it was "ok, we can try it for a while". So we decided to try it for one hour the first day and if we didn't like it, no big deal we go back to the mainland and nothing lost... Turns out she loved it and we spent some of each day there. We never would've expected it but it was awesome!!! As far as a sports bar. Not at the resort, and not sure about close by. We were there for Super Bowl and the party they put on was fantastic!!! So we never really had to search to find the game. I'm sure you'll find it on the TV in your room or if you asked the resort they'd hook you up with the game. I take it your Carolina Hurricanes fans??? We are one of the few Canadians that prefer football to hockey. That said we've always been Flames fans. CTI is about 5-10 minutes out of Ocho Rios, worst case scenario you could hit a sports bar in Ochi.

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    You mentioned hitting the falls, so remember to take water shoes (aqua socks or such) and put on your suits before you leave - changing on the bus is awkward. Also, take multiple swimsuits each, things do not dry quickly in the tropics. I would suggest finding shoes you like that can be worn without hose and leave those at home - humidity and pantyhose have always been a bad mix for me. If you are coming from somewhere cold bring light clothes in your carry-on so you can change when you get there (we usually have a 50 - 80 degree temp change between Denver and Montego Bay in the winter). Hope this helps, and congratulations.

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    kcsiemens we grew up in Chicago and a HUGE Blackhawks fans (He is stationed in Charleston), but they aren't big rival games so it's not a big deal. Just thought if it rained or something one night. We are laid back so we will just go witht the flow.
    Buntportfan - I saw something on here somewhere (so many posts so who knows where) that is you use woolite they will dry faster. We have a few suits each living in the south but we could probably use a few more and this is the season to do it. All the suits are on sale.

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    Plan to relax. Don't try to do everything available to you and go home exhausted. Leave something to come back for. Except the dining. Don't overlook taking something nice to dress for Eight Rivers.

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