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    Default Csa wedding 9.3.13

    HI ALL! My wedding date is 9.3.13 at CSA. I am doing the One Love package - what items should I bring for photos/decor? It seems like it looks pretty basic. I have 8 family members coming to join in on the wedding/honeymoon with us. I so far have bought a cake topper and a banner to hang on the table that says "just married" I am thinking of getting an off resort photographer - Stacey Clarke - even though my future hubby seems to disagree about spending $ on photos. (I CAN"T IMAGINE NOT!) I wanted to look into Diane Campbell, but I can't seem to find her website or anything. I need music ideas too?! Help!! I will probably upgrade my bridal bouquet too and make a hair appt while I am there. Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!

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    First of all congrats! Good day to get married (it's my birthday too ) Whoever you use for a photog, get the dvd too. It was the best money we ever spent. We watch it every year and it turned out great. As far as music, I picked 4 songs and they edited it into the dvd. One song our coordinator played as I walked down the isle. I didn't get any extras or upgrades but alot of brides upgrade the flowers. Mine were gorgeous pink orchids and was fine with them. It's obviously warm so an updo is good. I left mine shoulder length and the salon curled it. It looked nice I thought but wilted fast even at 10 am. You will have an awesome time, it was the best decision getting married at csa. It was the best day ever, have fun planning!

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    We show up on 9/3!

    Short 6 night trip to celebrate 15th anniversary (which is actually the 19th).
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    We did the One Love package for our wedding on 4/20/13.. I hope your ceremony is early morning, but at ANY time in September my best advice would be updo!! My hubby loves my hair so I wore it down...and was MELTING at our 10am ceremony! We used the resort photographer, who did an amazing job. While the price of the photos is high, it's worth every penny as these are memories of a lifetime they're capturing.

    Be sure to have them walk you through the garden areas, some amazing photo opportunities. Hopefully your guys won't be I. Jackets or ties. ..again it's hot!!


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