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    Default Snorkeling at Couples Barbados?

    I've been trying to get a clear answer about daily snorkeling at Barbados. Is it like the other 4 resorts where there are 2 trips a day? Has anyone been there who can comment on this? I've read about 20 reviews on Trip Advisor and the only mention I see is about the snorkeling with sea turtles on the Catamaran cruise. Any information would be greatly appreciated! My husband and I LOVE to snorkel and have went snorkeling at every Couples resort except CSA (but they seem to go to the same places as CN anyway). Thank you!!!

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    As far as I know, the only snorkelling at Couples Barbados is on the Catamaran cruise.

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    Have you stayed at Couples Barbados and that's all the snorkeling you were able to do? Or is the answer based on what's been on the message board and website? You can see where my confusion lies. On the 'Activities' tab on the website, it implies that there is snorkeling at every resort, but I really just want to find out from someone who's stayed there (and who would go snorkeling if it were available).

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    No, I have not been - going next week. But if you look under the Barbados tab , inclusions and activities, you will see there is no mention of snorkelling.
    I have also asked a friend who has been and she said that the only snorkelling is when you go on the cat cruise. There is not a snorkel boat at the resort nor a dive boat.
    Diving is done at Bridgetown and you are shuttled there but there is not a similar inclusion to snorkel.

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    Think there is plenty of snorkeling on the island but just not included in the hotel package. The shores off this stretch of coast is quite rough! The island is only very small though so you should be able to hop on a bus and go to another beach.

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    I hope they have it more than just with the cat cruise. It is one of our favorite activities. We convinced friends who have never been to a Couples to join us in October and snorkeling was a selling point.

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    Well I guess I'll know for sure if a previous responder posts something when they return! I did some research on other beaches and places to snorkel, so we have a back-up plan. But I agree that snorkeling was a selling point and when I posted the question to the board before we booked about it being included, randymon said it was. Now I realize I misinterpreted that to mean that it was like all the other Couples resorts, that it was a daily (or twice daily) activity. Randymon was not wrong when he said it was included, but I guess only twice a week when the catamaran cruise goes out.

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    From my knowledge of that part of the island snorkelling is unlikely to be very good, or available. You really need to go up the west coast around St James parish to get any decent water (the Caribbean bit of the coastal waters). I suspect the catamaran cruise will take you up there and there'll be a stop to swim with the turtles as well as a trip around part of Bridgetown to snorkel around a wreck. All good stuff but nowhere near the hotel.

    Whilst you are there, hire a small car and tour the island (it takes a day only!). The east coast is wonderfully rugged and great for surfing (they had an international competition when we were there), the people are wonderful to chat with so shopping in markets is a must!, there is the Oistin's fish fry on Friday nights (a must do!) and check out the reggae buses they are wicked!!

    I have no idea if anyone has mentioned this before but Barbados does not allow people to wear army fatigues or any clothing with camoflage print. No really, google it!

    Have a great time, it is very unlike jamaica. Some good ways and some not so good (I mean, there's no AN beach at any hotel in Barbados but the island is more accessible to visitors).

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