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    Ok... We ar a little excited ....

    Is the reef area near the resort good for snorkeling? Is there decent snorkeling close to the AN beach?

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    I went snorkelling from the A/N beach in July and only saw two fish so gave up. Did not go out from the main beach so can't comment but went out on the watersports snorkelling trip to the shipwreck and again there was not that many fish (having snorkelled in the Maldives perhaps I have been spoilt for quantity of fish) although the sea was very rough so the trip was aborted before we got as far as the reef they visit on the trips so will have to try again next March when we return.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stan View Post
    Ok... We ar a little excited ....

    Is the reef area near the resort good for snorkeling? Is there decent snorkeling close to the AN beach?
    My experience having been there twice is NO

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    There is a fair amount of sea grass right in the swimming area at the CSS textile beach, and we saw some fish in the grass. If you head towards the cliffs, there are even more fish that hang out near the rocks. There is also some very nice coral in front of the mineral pool area. However, when we were there the visibility was not good in the water close to shore on 8 of the 10 days that we were there. If there is much wave action crashing into the cliffs, it stirs up the sand/sediment from the sea bottom, and it made it incredibly hard to see anything.

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    They run trips daily and what I saw it was good. BUT be sure to sign up EARLY as they do fill up. AN beach: saw a couple TRYING, but dont think they saw much so personally I wouldn't bother, but that's just me. I also dove each day X2, but did take a private snorkel trip, which was pricy by FUN. I would be more than excited...cant wait to go back!

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    relax and enjoy
    CSS OCT 2009, 2011, 2014,2015

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    reef at the resort has lots of fish to see...AN beach is clear, but a little chilly in spots due to river water. BE excited, have fun, enjoy each other! Couples is the best!! Scott & DiAnn from Pickitup Foundation

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    We have been a GLN devotee to date and decided to try CSS. The GLN cover area has really good snorkeling, we were hoping it would be similar at CSS. Even if it isnt great, ire mon.

    Just stoked about going, the next best part of these trips - other than actually being there - is the build up and anticipation! Even if there arent fish, we'll be floating around looking....

    thanks for the comments folks.

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    The area on the left side of the main beach contained some fish. I saw no fish at all on the AN side. The snorkel trip we took went to a shipwreck, where fish were few, but the wreck was cool. Then we went to the reef which had tons of fish. It couldn't have been more than a 10 minute trip.

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    If it's fish you're after and it is a calm/clear day, you don't even need to snorkel to see fish! You can walk in the water anywhere around the resort and see all kinds of fish without even getting your hair wet.

    If you're sitting in a chair at the mineral pool - take a look right below you - there are schools of fish just a few feet out - last time we were there a 2 foot Baracuda stalked those waters for hours every day. ..

    Otherwise you can definitely snorkel near the a/n area and when we were there last, one guy snorkeled there every day.

    Otherwise don't forget you have full access to kayaks and hobbie cats - you can make you're own snorkel trip if you want!

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    AN area snorkeling isn't very good. Lots of rocks, but there is a fair bit of flow from a freshwater stream nearby and the colorful reef fish do not like this much. The main beach is similar. There are several freshwater spring vents behind the rocks at the cliff base on the right-hand side of the main beach which probably helps keep most saltwater fish away. The shallow area within the marked off swimming area has a clay bottom and silts very easily.

    If you are willing and able to swim out a ways, if you swim past the second line of white floats there are some patches of coral that eventually coalesce further out into a solid reef line with tongues of coral and "fingers" consisting of sand canyons. About 15-20 feet to the top of the coral, about 60 feet to the sandy bottom at the far side of the reef. To get to this area you need to swim out a bit to the right (near a pole sticking out of the water) to avoid an area where the nearshore reef approaches the waterline, then sort of head back left a bit so you are practically straight out from the beach bar. If you do this, you should bring a dive flag, as there is a fair amount of boat traffic in the area both from San Souci and from local spearfishermen. As for what you could expect to see on the coral out from the main beach: rays, turtles, octopi, lots of little wrasses, sergeant majors, parrotfish, yellowtail, damselfish of a few different types, and (unfortunately) lionfish.

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    good call on the dive flag. Something resort snorkelers often overlook. like i said on another post - where is that time machine to speed up the countdown!

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