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    Default 1st CSS trip questions

    Hi, my fiance and I are going to CSS for out honeymoon from September 14-21. We were wondering a couple of things.

    1) Can you request certain rooms? If so, when?

    2) Is there a dress attire for dinner? We have heard from some friends that went to other all inclusive resorts that men have to wear close toed shoes and pants, women have to wear dresses. Is this true at CSS?

    3) When can we book a dinner on the beach, massages and nightly dinner reservations?

    Any other pointers you could give would be great. This is our first trip and would love to make not miss anything.


    Soon to be newly wed!

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    Here now... You can request rooms when you get here and check in. We also noted our preferred rooms on our pre-check-in... Not sure if they take that into consideration or not.

    Dinner at the two reservation restaurants is more formal - men wear closed toe shoes, slacks, and a button down shirt. Women wear nicer dresses. For the non-reservation restaurant, pretty much anything goes. My husband wore shorts and a button down shirt, I wore a sundress and flip flops.

    All reservations can be made when you get here. Dinners at guest services, massages are booked at the spa. FWIW, I dont recommend the dinner on the beach - it's not really that private, and the non -reservation restaurant is right on the beach.

    PS - Always order the soups- they were amazing! Take the orientation tour when you get here. Book waterspouts/snorkeling/etc. ASAP - they fill up fast!

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    Your private dinner does not have to be on the beach. There are gazebos at CSS (at least one is on the cliffs) where you can have a private dinner.

    Casanova is more formal than Pallazina. Bob wore dress shorts to Pallazina, but slacks were required for Casanova. The ladies do not have to wear dresses or skirts at either restaurant. I wore dressy shorts and a blouse at Pallazina. And while I did wear dresses to Casanova, you could wear dressy slacks, too.

    Be sure to reserve a couples massage in the hut on the cliffs. The hut is open air and you can hear the waves crashing below and feel the ocean breeze. A truly amazing experience.

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    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!! You could not have chosen a more romantic location for your honeymoon than Couples Sans Souci! We have a "prepared" e-mail that we could send to you with all sorts of information about CSS (far more info than we could post on the board) - if you are interested, send us an e-mail to and we'll send it to you, along with some pictures from our trips.

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    Nordge2013, I would HIGHLY recommend checking out the CSS tab on the Couples website. It will have the answers to your questions on dinnerwear dress code, and much much more.

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    We'll see you there. Sept 15-21 for us.

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    You can request a room in a certain block at the time of booking. If the room type is not available, check back a couple of times near the departure date to see it became available. We did this and it worked. When you get there to check in you can again request a particular block or even room if you know it. I recommend A or B block. We stayed in G which was has a nice view, but long walks uphill late a night were kind of a drag.

    The only place that really has a dress code is the Casanova restaurant. Recommend slacks for men and dress or skirt for women. Women ARE NOT required to wear closed toe shoes, nice shoes with open toes are fine. I took a lot of grief from my wife by insisting she brought closed toe shoes and when we got there none of the ladies was wearing them.

    You can actually book restaurant reservations, dinner on the beach, by phone any time. We did this so I know. The rest you book when you get there.

    I actually DO recommend dinner on the beach. We did it and even though it is not super private, it still makes one feel pretty special (especially my wife!). Many preferred private dinner in the wedding gazebo, which is on a cliff above the sea. It is more private and looks really nice, we will probably try that next time.

    Dunn's river is definitely worth doing.

    If you go the Sunset Beach (which I highly recommend you do), look for local guys coming and going from the river to the sea and aske them to give you a tour. They are sturdy wooden boats with Johnson outboards. We took a trip like this with Lipton, and it was the highlight of the trip. 4 hours through and past ocho rios with running commentary, stopped at the James bond private beach where there is a falls coming right into the sea and went swimming. Cost $50! The resort boat wanted like $200 for this.


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    Default CSS - A little piece of heaven!

    Welcome to CSS (pretty soon anyway!)
    Congratulations on your upcoming honeymoon and choosing CSS. It is a very unique and special place. You will love it! I see you have received plenty of information, but there is something you must both MUST take the time to simply slow down, relax, inhale and ENJOY the beauty of this special property as you celebrate your new life together. It is very romantic!
    We are returning for our fourth visit in a few days (celebrating our 39th wedding anniversary). We have travelled extensively throughout the Caribbean, but this lovely area of Jamaica is one of a kind!
    A suggestion - If you do have your own mask and snorkel - take it with you. It is so much easier to slip into the water when you want and enjoy the underwater scenery. It is fun to go out to the ocean by the salt water pool entrance and putter around. As well, I have even slipped down into the fresh water spring with my mask and snorkel - such a cool little spot - and watched the fish slip in and out.
    Enjoy a little piece of heaven!

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    Hi Nordge2013: We'll be arriving the very same day you are and departing the same day, too! We'll be celebrating our anniversary while there. We can't offer much advice when it comes to CSS, as it is our first time there, but we've been to CTI and CN so we can assure you that you've made a good choice picking a Couples Resort for your destination wedding/moon.

    I recommend you go to the Meetup board, click on the CSS Meetup, then on the September 2013 thread and/or the Getting to Know You September 2013 thread. Everyone posting on those two threads are people who will be at CSS during the month of September, 2013. It's a good way to get to know some of the people that will be at CSS at the same time you will be.

    Maybe we'll see you at the orientation at CSS on the 14th! It's just a few short weeks away now. Yahoo!

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