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    Default Reservations for the Private Beach Dinner - CSA

    My fiance and I will be spending our honeymoon at CSA October 7th-14th and I wanted to get some information regarding the private beach dinner (ie. who I need to contact to make the reservation, the menu, reviews, etc...) Any and all help is greatly appreciated. We can't wait to have our toes in the sand and a drink in our hand this October!

    Also, we were thinking about signing up for the One Love Bus Bar Crawl. Does anyone know who I need to contact to sign up for this as well?

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    For the One Love Bus Bar Crawl - contact Lenbert Williams via email at:

    I just booked our reservation for September 11 and he responded immediately with a 2:25 pickup time. I'm a newbie so I can't answer your other questions but congratulations on your upcoming wedding/honeymoon!!

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    You're going to love CSA...and congrats on your marriage! We got married on the beach at CSA on 4/20/13. We will be at CSA October 5-14; my hubby will be leading a jerk tour off property on the 9th if you want to join! You can make all reservations with the Resort Concierge... Bring some bug spray, though, if you're dining at dusk.

    On a side note, do you have any relatives in the Butler, PA area? I have former relatives with same last name as yours...not too common!! See you in October!

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    Thank you Aaly for the bar crawl information!

    Suzi- I'm sure that I am related to your former relative somehow since my last name is so uncommon. I live in TN and my family are the only Sobieralski's in the state. I'll check with my fiance about the jerk tour on the 9th and let you know, thanks for the invite!

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    We'll be there too! Congrats and I know your honeymoon is going to be great. CSA is beautiful.

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    You can sign up for the dinner prior to getting to the resort if you would prefer.

    Last year we selected the magical memories package but you can just select the dinner. If you set this up prior to arrival they will need a copy of your credit card front and back.

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