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    Default Weight loss secrets????

    Ok, I have seen lots of weight loss threads, but what about weight loss secrets????

    For someone who has never had to diet before, age has caught up with me, well that and being unemployed... HELP!

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    Default Diets tips

    Ooo.. tough one.
    There really is no secret other than eat less, move more. Depressing but true. Fad diets only work temporarily and the pounds come back.

    Go on line and find a place to record and count calories. Find out how many calories you can eat and how many you need to burn daily. They have great on line calculators that make it easy.
    Then start walking!! It's a beautiful time of year for it.

    If this all sounds to daunting, find a local group to join and follow their program. It always easier with a buddy!
    Good luck and remember to love that beautiful body no matter what!

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    Portion control is the Key. Eat frequent small meals. Then there is drink plenty of water. Cut back on alcohol. Get PLENTY of exercise.

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    Default WW

    I'm a Weight Watchers Leader. I lost 50 lbs 9 years ago. It works. We teach you to lose weight and how you can keep it off. I eat very little processed foods. I'm 51 and work out 6 days a week, even working 2 jobs. WW has taught me well! Look for a meeting close to you! Joy

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    My wife and I have recently lost over 140 pounds, and we found this website to be very helpful: (it's free, don't worry). Just look for the Daily Plate section. It helps you count the calories you take it and monitor what you put out in exercise.

    But the sentiments here are 100% accurate. When doctors tell you diet and exercise, they aren't full of crap... it really works.
    I'm just here for the food... and the beach... and the drinks... and the entertainment... oh, yeah, and the suite... well, okay, and the sunshine... oh, and the staff, can't forget them.. Ah, heck, I'm here for it all.

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    I really like the WW Online program as well as

    You have to pay for both of them, but I find that being accountable for what I put in my mouth really helps. I have lost 15 lbs over the last year, and for the most part, kept it off. It seems slow, but if you go slow and steady, you feel better and don't feel deprived.

    Another idea is if you are physically able, sign up for a 5K somewhere near you. Then start training. Even if you are walking it, having a goal keeps me going. I started that way 10 years ago after the birth of my first child. I had never run a single step in my entire life, and now I run numerous races including one marathon a year. (Who'd've thunk??)

    Good luck.

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    Weight Watchers!!! I have lost 55 pounds to date and haven't struggled at all. Also, join out Weight Loss thread, it helps a bunch!!

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    if caloric intake > caloric burn/use == added weight
    if caloric intake < caloric burn/use ==loss of weight
    hate to disappoint but the human body has functioned the same way for many years, not many secrets left in this area .....

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    I could go on about this for days!! There are no secrets or short cuts that are healthy... Its the only body you have! Put the best "fuel" in it, and You'll get the best "performance" out of it... I am a huge believer in eating healthy, Isagenix, and exercise...

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    I lost 35lbs on Weight Watchers in March of 2005 and have kept it off. It is a really good program that works if you embrace the concepts. what worked for me was the "points program" where you get so many food points to use per day. you learn about portion control and checking labels (think high fiber and low fat). I never thought I would do well on a diet, but the nice thing about WW is that you tweak your own food choices..even plan your "cheating" into your daily point allowance. Even though I no longer count my points precisely every day..I have retained an awareness that helps me maintain.
    good luck!

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    The only thing that ever works for me is exercise and cutting out junk food and sweets. It's slow and steady but works just fine.
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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    I have to agree with everyone. I have had it tough I gained 15 lbs this year due to a torn cartilage in my hip. The mistake I made was to stop exercising due to the pain. I am facing surgery but now have to weight train to improve strength. But threw that I have been given a great since of pride 8 lbs lost.

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    Great advice here!
    Check Cto5k out, as well...

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    I will ditto what a lot of people said re: Weight Watchers. It's great for learning to track your food. It's easy to learn and easy to stick to since it's pretty simple.

    With that said, if you are looking for overall health, you may want to try something that allows you to track nutrition like a I lost a lot of weight on WW, but then started to care more about what I was putting into my body than how much and due to how they calculate points, even the "good fats" are too much and eat up too many points. I went years not eating any nuts or bananas as they racked up points too fast. If you are just looking to drop some weight though, it's great.

    Like someone else said, calories in > calories out = weight gain. There is no magic. Though I will say that calories < calories out, when too much less, will not necessarily lose weight either as you will go into "starvation mode" and your body will fight you to keep every fat store you have.

    For me, the biggest "trick" is simply tracking everything. When I don't track, I gain. When I track, I lose. You would be amazed at what mindlessly goes into the mouth throughout the day. For me, actually writing it down, or logging it in a computer application somewhere is really the only thing that gets me to be honest about my eating and when I'm honest, I lose the weight.

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    I agree that WW is an excellent program. You must exercise even if it is just walking several times a week.

    For free advise and very practical advise try This site is by Drs. Oz and Roizen of the "You on a Diet" fame. I love their practical tips.

    I also read a recent study that white tea (immature green tea) has been shown to shrink fat cells. I found plain white tea at the grocery store and find it tastes better than green tea. I've been funneling

    Good luck

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    I lost 25 pounds in 2005 and have managed to get back to that weight after 2 kids 18 months apart. my tips:

    Drink a big (16oz) glass of water before every meal

    When you eat at home use salad plates, when you eat out cut your entre in 2 and only eat that half

    Save your calories for things you really enjoy - don't blow 1000 calories on pizza at your desk at work. If I am going to blow it - its going to be dinner and drinks with my DH or friends.

    One day and one splurge won't blow up your diet but calling it quits because you had a bad day will. You can only start where you are every day what you did yesterday or last week is irrelevant to what you do today.


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    I can witness to all the above, except for WW plan. I have never tried that. As I have aged I have found it more difficult to maintain, much less lose, weight. I eat far less than I did 15 or 20 years ago, but also find it more difficult to lose weight. I work out 3 or 4 days a week for an hour+ at weights and cardio. I work harder than I did years ago just to stay in the same place. I am not thin, but I think I look OK for my age. I weigh in at about 210, and wear a size 36. Most folks tell me I don't look that heavy so I suppose I carry it pretty well. I hope to lose about 10 to 15 pounds by next summer, as does mrs. dirtleg, for our trip to CSA.
    If lack of results were my measure of success I would have given up long ago. But I keep plugging away at it. I mostly do it for my health. I am determined to be more mobil and active than my parents were in their older years. So far, so good as I am at 55 and doing pretty well, if I say so myself.
    Hang in there and don't become discouraged by the scale. Check the fit of your clothes and the way you feel when you exert yourself. Work at it a little harder each day, or week, or month. What ever increment of time you can deal with for results at your own pace. Walk, pump some iron, run or what ever seems to get your buzz on. Stick with it, not just for next summer, but for life.

    Oh, and don't look for results in a bottle or pill. It ain't goin' to work dude.

    See ya at the beach!

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    Default no big secret

    As others have said, there really is no secret or big miracle cure-all to losing weight. Over my life I tried lots of diets and saw dieticians. I even took pills that could have killed me. But one day, I finally "got it". I lost 75 pounds in 10 months back in 2004. This October will be my 5 yr. anniversary of keeping it off. I went from a size 18 to a 6. I was never even close to that small in high school.

    What worked for me was to read Dr. Phil's book. I used it to truly analyze why I was making the poor choices I was. It motivated me to change my eating habits. I did it for me and I did it for my husband and 2 children. They too make healthier food choices. We're a team.

    I have a heart condition and so cardio exercise has never been an option for me. BUT I could walk and walk I did. Yes you can lose weight by eating healthier and walking. I did count calories in the beginning because you NEED to know what you are putting in. It holds you accountable. Then once a month I'd count for a week. Now I count about once a month for a few days, just to keep in check. I don't exercise quite as much as I should now, but I keep very busy all of the time. I plan to tone up some more for our trip to CSS in Feb. 2010.

    My tip is to not cut out everything that you love. Have it in moderation. Savor it. Eat slowly (I usually spend about 30 minutes eating every meal). Digest and know when you are full; then quit. Since my weightloss, I've only overeaten a handfull of times (you know, until you feel like saying "I shouldn't have done that"). Listen to your body. And when going out to meals, split them either with your significant other or take 1/2 home. Water water water. If you hate the plain stuff, get some calorie free flavor packets to have with you.

    Good luck. When you're ready to lose it, you will.

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    Rosa and I just started on our diet, and really I shouldn't even refer to it that way, as this indicates there's an end at some point down the road. There isn't. We are not dieting, we are adjusting to what we eat, the way we eat, how often we eat, etc. It's really better phrased as a lifestyle change.

    However, like anything when it comes to measuring success or lack thereof, it's always nice to have a jumping off point to get the ball rolling so to speak. So we began with the old Rotation Diet, which I understand has been around for more than 20 years. It's kind of old school being that it's based on calories vs carbs or fats, etc.

    The beauty of it is the actual program of the Rotation Diet is only 3 weeks in length. Obviously for those who need to lose some serious pounds, this won't be the end-all, it's really set up to accomplish two goals:

    1. A healthy way to drop weight fast.
    2. And this is more important, it helps establish a mindset as to how you will approach eating in the future.

    We found it easy to follow the recommended daily menus and other suggestions, such as excercising (we walk about 10-12 miles per week, nothing outrageous, but enough to keep the ol' metabolism flowing). Again, it's not the end-all, but you should have a new appreciation of what's good and not so good for you and can adjust accordingly. If all you need is to drop a quick X amount of pounds just to fit better in those pants or dress, again this program foots the bill.

    The bottom line? After 3 weeks I lost 23 lbs, Rosa dropped 9 lbs. Suffice to say, I needed to lose more than her, hence the greater loss. I'm guessing the vast majority of this was water weight, but hey, it's a start. It's all downhill from here!

    BTW, where's the official weight loss thread? I want to enter our numbers.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Do not eat tell you are full or packed. This will help you lose at a slow pace and keep it off. Also watch what you are eating, high cal items you have to stay away from.
    Irie Mon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joy&Jonas View Post
    I'm a Weight Watchers Leader. I lost 50 lbs 9 years ago. It works. We teach you to lose weight and how you can keep it off. I eat very little processed foods. I'm 51 and work out 6 days a week, even working 2 jobs. WW has taught me well! Look for a meeting close to you! Joy
    ......My husband has lost 80 lbs on Weight Watchers.

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