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    Has anyone ever had any luck extending their stay a few days? We aren't even there yet and looking to maybe extend to 7 instead of 5 days.

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    We extended an extra day which happened to be Christmas last year. I got food poisoning (I blame Margaritaville, not CSS) so we really had to stay. I'm sure its all based on resort capacity however. Call ahead now if you really want to extend.

    Scott and June

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    We had to extend due to flight problems. We would have lost a day so decided to add instead and fly out a day earlier then planned. We got the current rate for the extra day we added.

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    Do it! We did 7 days, and I wish they'd just let us move in. :-)

    At minimum I wish we had done 8 days instead of 7 (Sat-Sun instead of Sat-Sat).

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    We added one night to our upcoming October trip. We had to pay the current rate when we added it (ie; not the rate we got when we booked). It was simple - I called Couples, asked to add the date, they checked and did have availability. They requested I email them (they gave me a specific email address) while I was on the phone with them asking to add the date and authorizing them to charge my card. And that was it! One note - we booked only our resort stay initially and booked it through the Couples website. We added the day to our trip BEFORE we booked our airfare, which we booked on our own. So there were no changes involving our flights. I say, Go For It!
    Kelly & Troy
    CTI 2010
    CSS 2013
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    It's not usually the resort that has issues with extra time. What our friends ran into was the cost increase in the flight--more than the extra days at the resort--additional to change their flights.

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    We added a day to our October CB trip because the airline changed our flight times. Payed the current rate for the extra day. Now leaving Sunday morning instead of Monday noon with a 9:30 PM arrival. Keep watching our flights in case they change them again. Who knows we may end up leaving Saturday at this rate. LOL. There are worse places to be "forced" to spend an extra day.

    Carol and Dave.

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    Airplane Flight cost.

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    Well I went ahead and did it. I prob paid too much to reschedule the flights but I think it will be so worth it. I am already more relaxed about it. Thank you all so much! 18 days to go!

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