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    Default Question about CSS and bathrooms...any and all responses welcome! :)

    Hi! My fiance and I are SERIOUSLY considering spending our honeymoon at CSS! Everything looks amazing about the resort and I am constantly reading reviews on TripAdvisor. I know the rooms are supposedly a little outdated, but more importantly I want a jacuzzi tub and separate shower. Now I know the beachfront rooms have that option, but I really would like to stay in a one bedroom Ocean Suite, the farther away from all the action, the better. I was thinking the G block. Do any of those rooms offer a separate jacuzzi tub and shower? That's actually one of the biggest concerns for me since I love jacuzzi tubs and I love the views I've seen on TripAdvisor from the G Block. I'm actually looking forward to all of the steps and paths, and no, I'm not in crazy great shape. Any help would be greatly appreciated and we're about 99% sure we want to spend the first week of our marriage at CSS!


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    When booking, please remember that you can't guarantee a particular block... when booking the one bedroom ocean suite room category you have a chance at getting in G block, but just as good a chance as getting in D block etc... Just go with the flow and relax, book the room category you want and let the chips fall where they may. Of course you can request a certain block, and they will do their best to accomodate you if a room is available where you want, but again no guarantees.

    We personally have had varied luck with this room category.... once we got D11 and it was a nice room, nice location but that room has no ocean view, and an almost non existent balcony with two tiny metal chairs and a metal table, no loungers. D9 is the same way.

    You may be more comfortable booking a penthouse given your room wish lists.

    We love CSS, and you will too..... good luck and have fun!

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    The only room catagory with jucuzzi tubs is the Beachfront. We never really used ours., we got the rooms due to the location and my husbands health. There are several hot tubs on the property that I guess we didn't feel the need for one. So, I guess the decision you have to make is what is more important to you, the view/privacy or the jacuzzi. I would go with the view, and just use the hot tubs on the property. (my opinion).

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    CSS is a great choice for a honeymoon! Great way to start out your marriage.

    I believe the jacuzzi's are only in A and B block in the beachfront suites and possibly in the penthouse suites.

    There are pros and cons to each block - when it comes to bathrooms - F & G have very simple, bath tub with a shower combinations - this is usually where the reviews come from that say the bathroom was "OK, nothing special"

    F&G block have outstanding ocean views with very large balconies and tend to be quieter.

    A & B block are close to everything but can be a lot noisier due to the location next to the main pool / bar and your view is mostly of the pool / lawn with the sea in the distant background

    I have an alternative - if you can live without the jacuzzi - stay in D Block - this block mostly has the one bedroom suite you're seeking - the entire block juts out onto the little peninsula and have outstanding views of the resort, mountains and the beach! The balconies are smaller, but have plenty of room for a table and chairs and the block is centrally located to everything.

    D block rooms do not have jacuzzi's but have something even better in my opinion (picture attached) - these have 2-person showers with a bench! We spend quite a bit of time in there and were really bummed on our last stay when they put us in F block for a night simply because it was missing our shower! (the rest of the room was nice, and the view incredible, but not the same)

    Note that if you request a block, there is no guarantee they will be able to accomodate your request, but if you do not like your room, tell them immediately and they will do whatever they can to move you to another choice / block (if one is available).

    Last time, we had to wait just one night before our favorite room became available.
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    Unfortunately none of the rooms in G block have a jacuzzi tub, nor a separate tub and shower, they either have a small tub/shower combo or just a shower. You're right about the views from G block, it's our favourite place to stay but if a jacuzzi tub is important to you, then A or B block is your only option, unless you want to splurge and stay in the Prime Minister's Suite.

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    Thanks for all of the help guys! I truly appreciate it. Of course after I posted this, I started to think about other options if my specific request was not available. I would truly be content with a two person shower and no tub. I like the way they look and could be a great/fun way to shower. To use the hot tubs on the resort is a good idea and from many reviews from TA, it seems that even when CSS is full, it never feels that way. Another reason I want to go. I just don't want a bathtub like I have at home. It's a shower/tub combo and while it does the job just fine, I want something different on our honeymoon. I want to feel like we're on our honeymoon at all times if possible and so I'm starting to be a little picky about the little things. I just want it to be as perfect as possible. Again, I appreciate all of the help and I'll probably have many more questions to ask since we aren't getting married until June 2014.

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    The F&G block rooms do not have standard layouts so it is luck of the draw as far as the bathroom is concerned. We usually have a walk in shower and no tub. If the jacuzzi is a must reserve the beachfront.


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    I don't know about evaryone else, but my wife and i had no problem turning the "single person shower" of A block into a "two person shower" and it definitely was a great/fun way to shower

    Also, i don't feel like the view from A block was that bad. We had 3rd floor, and while the water sports hut was to the left in front of us, and the pool and bar were to the right side, we could see over top of all that, and had a great view of the water. Plus, with being so close to the water, we went to sleep every night and woke up every morning to the sounds of the waves on the beach.

    As far as being "away from the action," we were on the edge of A closest to the nude beach, so we were far away from the restaurant, and we could listen to the morning crew singing as they cleaned the beach, but it was not loud. Only one time was there a loud group at the pool bar, but that bar closes at 530 so it didn't interrupt our night time. The ONLY time there was any sort of noise disturbance was after the beach party on tuesday. They had to bring a truck in a couple times to load up the stuff from the party, but it didn't last long, and it was very minor. Also, it could have been the entertainment band from that night, and not Couples staff, so that might not happen every week.

    After that trip, my wife has absolutely no desire to stay in any other room, because she loved ours so much. The only other room i am interested in trying is the one bedroom ocean suite... Unless of course we get there and they offer us a free upgrade to a penthouse, then i MIGHT take them up on that offer, but i think i would have to see the PH first, before i made my decision, because i also love the beachfront suite as much as my wife does.

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