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    Default CSS - Pool Renovations

    Is there anyone with any information on when this might take place? We are hoping to book for January 2014 for our anniversary for our first trip to CSS but I don't want to be there if they are planning on doing the pool or are in the middle of it.

    Is there any idea of when they plan to start it. How can we be sure that we will have a pool to use at SSB which is very important to us?

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    I have no info but just a guess that they would do a major project like that in the off season , the summer. Did you hear about it somewhere?

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    I read it on a thread in the main message board area...

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    When we were at SSB in July the Asst. Operations Manager was walking around the pool with 2 gentlemen who looked like contractors....couldn't swear, but they were pretty involved in checking out the area and taking notes.....

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    If they are re doing the pool, I hope management will notify us as to when they are, so that those who go to CSS because of SSB, can choose to change resorts if they wish, or still go to CSS.

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