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    Default Currency in Barbados

    For those who already went to Barbados, did you use American money or Barbadian money? Like for tours what did you use, and if you went off resort to local shops, shopping malls did you use the same?

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    We have been to Barbados many times. The last time was in February/ March when we rented a house for a month. We had a car so travelled all over the island. The American dollar was accepted everywhere we went. In some Supermarkets they would give you Bajan dollars for your change but when we were near the end of our holiday we would ask for U.S. dollars. Sometimes shops would not give you the proper exchange rate which is $1.98 Bajan dollars to 1 U.S. We are going to C.B. in August for 2 weeks. Buses are a great way to get around and are very cheap only 2 Bajan dollars for a ride. Barbados is a very safe place to visit and the people are very friendly and helpful.

    Enjoy !!!

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