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    Default Randymon's amateur photos of Couples Barbados

    Couples Resorts

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    Link doesn't seem to work.

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    Bravo! Looks wonderful!

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    You new adventure looks fantastic, we will be there on Oct 20. The pictures will be shared with our group. Thanks again for delivering on pictures of the new resort.

    Jim & Joyce
    Bayfield, CO

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    Thank you so much for posting. These pics show me that the hospitality details and natural beauty that make Couples resorts so wonderful in Jamaica are already in place at CB. And what beautiful faces! Did your employment ads say "must have superior guest-service experience AND be gorgeous with a perfect smile"? ;-)

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    thanks it is what we have all being waiting to see with so many bad comments on tripadvisor!

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    Thanks Randymon! Looks enticing! Wish we could see how rough the beach is. Enjoy your time there! Great pictures of the newest Couples.

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    I am getting so excited! October can't come soon enough.
    Can't wait to see Barbados again. Loved it last time and can't wait to do it the "Couples" way!

    Carol and Dave. We arrive in 112 days! WOO HOO!

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    lovely pictures

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    Randy -
    I didn't have a FB account, so I couldn't see the pictures. I finally signed up just to see them. I'm so glad I did.
    Like others, I've struggled with the negative comments. I know full well that the squeaky wheels are going to post more quickly than happy people -- but still....

    Anyway, these pictures are great! The fact that they're amateur too, just adds to it. Professional shots are nice, but we all know they portray the absolute best, in the best light. Your pictures are real. And they're real nice!!
    We're booked in an Ocean Junior Suite, and they look great. But I wish now we had paid for the upgrade to the One Bedroom Ocean Suite! Those rooms look absolutely incredible.

    I've been one of the many newbies driving you nuts the last few months. Just want to thank you again for the time you take to answer questions and post pictures! It's going above and beyond. Thank you!

    --- Dan

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    Guess that we will have to wait to see the new resort in August in person to view the changes. Did see it as the Casuarina in March. We are not on Face book and do not wish to put personal information "out there".

    Your photography talents sound excellent from the reviews of the pictures that you took.

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    Like bobbyh we too are not on Facebook for the same reason but would really love to see the photos. Perhaps you could upload them to Youtube also then all we who are not on Facebook could also view what sound to be great photos.

    Also if they were on Youtube it's possible that more people would view them and be encouraged to see CB in reality. Hope you will consider this suggestion or find a way so that we can all view them.


    Mad about tennis

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    Just want to say we are currentlu at cb & everything is simply wonderful!!!!!

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