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    Default Chukka Canopy Zip Line???

    Has anyone done this from CSA/CN?
    Zipline Canopy | Jamaica Tours by Chukka

    I understand they have two - one south of Montego Bay if coming from Negril and the other is in Ocho Rios if going from those resorts.

    It looks like I can book this at the excursion desk (?) when we get there and wanted to see if anyone has done it. I checked their web site and watched videos and it looks like fun. They pick up and return you to resort and takes 1/2 day. $100 pp. The boss (wife) wants to do it so i need to "make it happen."


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    EDITED: Just found this thread, looks like the Montpelier Outpost it is:
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    Chukka has a very good and safety minded zip line tour near Ocho Rios. Very heavy duty equipment and a short class on how to use it and be safe while using it. When we did it in 2009, they had 7 lines and we had a very good time. If we were to do it again, it would be with Chukka. I am afraid of heights, but didnít have any issues with them. They had I think 3 tour guides going with you (first, middle and last) and then two more guides on each platform, setting the brakes and making sure you get off okay. I just went last so I could see 20 people do each line before me with no problems and I was fine.
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    You would be doing the Montego Bay location instead of Ochi where we went, but I'd say you should do it. Just remember walking shorts are ok - jeans were way too warm for me - but sandals without an ankle strap aren't. We were able to book at the resort, but that was CSS; we did wave-runners at CSA.

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    We did it and it was a Blast. We were are CSA and went to the location that was close to MoBay. I dont know if they have a second one or not. It is very likely that we will do it again on our next trip. The only bummer that I had was it started raining when the got there so I could not take my camera on the lines. One recommendation I would make is dont wear anything nice there especially shoes. If it is rainy or has rained you will ruin anything that is nice and new. Other than that the crew made you feel very safe while being a blast to be with.
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    My husband and I went with two other couples 5 years ago to Couples Negril. Everyone except me was excited when they heard about the zip line group tour in Montego Bay. I have to mentioned that this group that runs the zip lines is tops in having very safe and secure zip lines to go on. In fact, there's is more safe then one of the zip lines here in the U.S. So rest assured, the companies first priority is safety. As I mentioned everyone in my group except me was really into doing exciting and adventurous things. They absolutely had a blast that day doing the zip lines. If memory serves me right there are about 9 zip lines that you do. The people at the zip lines were great with me as I cried out of fear before each zip line and screamed while on each zip line. Yes, I survived however, I probably won't ever do one again as I'm just a scared person when it comes to this.

    You do set up the reservation right there at Couples Negril and they take care of setting it up for you. If you enjoy doing this type of activity, it should be a fun day for you. Good luck and I hope you have fun. You are basically in a rain forest so it will be hot and sweaty. Wear tennis shoes or shoes that you can walk up a mountain to the zip lines. Wear pants, or shorts etc. You will wear a helmet so leave the hat at the resort.

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    EDITED: Just found this thread, looks lithe Montpelier Outpost it is:
    LOL, yep! That's my post. Just book it through the tour desk and you're good to go. Enjoy!
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    Ok! Thanks everyone for the info and dank120 for previous thread.

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