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    Default What can you bring back from JA on the plane??

    We have a direct flight back from JA...

    What are you allowed to bring back with you on the plane? As in liquid?

    I would like to bring back some Rum and Rum Cream in my carry on is there a limit?

    And I prefer not to put it in the checked bags because of the chance of it being broken.

    In the US of course there is the 3oz rule does this apply when returning from JA to US? I guess that is the biggest question?

    Any information would be wonderful!

    27 days and counting till we arrive back "home" for the 2nd time... 1st time to CN! So looking forward to this vacation!


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    If you have direct flights you can bring on 3 liters per person but check with shop, they pack it for you give a tip...bring on plane but under seat can't put it in see duty free shops once you pass security enjoy and have fun

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    If you buy the liquor at the airport you can put it in your checked bags or just carry it in the cardboard carrier they will give you (for direct flights only). The 3oz rules only applies if you have a connecting flight, in which case you would have to put it in your checked baggage. We have claimed 2 bottles of rum cream and 2 bottles of rum per person without any duty problem. You can bring back more rum cream than straight rum because of the alcohol content. There is actually no federal law which limits the amount, but I believe the duty-free limit when enforced is 2 liters per person.
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    3 oz.
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    we usually bring back 6 bottles(.750 size) of rum. buy it at the airport it's a lot cheaper and they will box it up for you to carry on the plane. each person is allowed 3 bottles.

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    As for bringing back booze, if you buy it at the airport duty free, it is after the security check point and you can carry it right on. They will even package it up nicely for you as well. If you buy it locally and intend to bring it to the airport, it will have to be in checked bags to get through security. Since you are flying direct, buying it at the airport is the way to go because you can just carry it on and walk out with it at your destination. Having connecting flights pose separate issues because you are reunited with your luggage before going through customs then have to go through security again, but that doesn't concern you if you fly direct. As far as importation of alcohol, I believe that varies by state regulations so you would have to research that. We typically bring 3 1.75L of Sangsters Coffee Rum Cream back (to TX), because we can't get it here. The prices of Appletons and such isn't much different there then it is locally and it's widely available, so we don't even bother with it.

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    All countries have the 3oz rule. But you can carry more than 3oz once you are past security. So if you want to carry liquor on, you must purchase it at the airport once you have past security. I don't remember what the rule is for liquor, but rum cream is considered a cordial and there is no limit except for what you can carry and store under your seat and overhead compartment
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    Check with your flight provider but it should be 4 750ml bottles of alc over 20% by vol, rum cream does not fall under this limit. You can carry onto the plane for flight back to the states if when you land your flying is done then get what you want and your good. You can get them to box it up for you in cases I think they hold 3 or 4 bottles each box.

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    I believe the 3 oz rules due apply, I think they are world wide, however, you can buy your rum and rum cream at the airport, and carry it on the plane. And since you have a direct flight you will not have any problems with it. If you changed flights like we do, then we had to put it into our checked luggage before we went throught security after going through customs.

    As far as putting it in checked bags, we have always done this because of connecting flights. We bring bubble wrap along, and also wrap it with clothes to protect it. Then this past year we decided to put it into plastic bags as well. Usually we do not have any problems putting it into our checked luggage, except one time when we had two bottles in a box (from a cruise), and only one got broken, except that it did not seem like a full bottle spilled in our suitcase (if you understand what I mean).

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    Once you have entered the gate area, you will come to the Duty Free Shop. Some people buy as much Rum Cream as they can carry.

    The problem you will have in the United States is if you are changing planes. At that point you will have to place your purchases in your suitcase after you clear immigration and before going through customs.

    If you are flying from Montego Bay direct to an airport and not changing planes you should be good to go, but remember there is a limit on the duty free you can bring in, 2 bottles per person of liquor I believe. I don't think Rum Cream counts. We buy the small bottles, they pack it in a nice carry on box and make certain we have a suitcase that has lots of room, and stuff for padding so when we get to Charlotte we grab the suitcase, open it, place the box(s) in it arrange the padding close it up and away we go. Have had no breakage in 6 trips.

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    The same rules apply in regards to liquids so you can not enter the airport with liquids in your carry on (other than the 3 oz). What you can do is purchase at the duty free shop in the airport and they will box your purchases so you can carry them on the plane. I believe the limit, duty free, is 2 liters per person.

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    Yes, the 3oz rule is in effect. We brought rum cream and a bottle of rum back from the island and it was confiscated at security. You can buy rum cream and any other kind of liquor after you pass through security. They have a duty free store in the airport at MB. Wonder what they do with all that booze that they "confiscate"? I considered drinking it right there, but we were very short on time, lol.

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    You can still only do the 3-1-1 through security, but there are plenty of places to buy rum and rum cream once through security. They will pack for carry on. I don't know the legal limits for bringing into the states.

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    I think the limited fluids through security is international but I am sure someone else can confirm.
    Last year we bought alcohol in the airport which was very well priced. Unfortunately, we "lost" a bottle of gin thanks to BA baggage handling on our internal UK flight! Thankfully the apple tons survived!!

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    From the US Border and Customs site:

    What can I bring back from the Caribbean?

    As a general rule, travelers to Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI) countries are allowed a $800 duty-free exemption on their return to the U.S. You may include two liters of alcoholic beverages with this $800 exemption, as long as one of the liters was produced in one of the CBI countries. The duty exemption for travelers returning from the U.S. Virgin Islands is $1,600. You may include 1,000 cigarettes as part of this exemption, but at least 800 of them must have been acquired in the U.S. Virgin Islands (keep your receipt). You may include five liters of alcoholic beverages in your duty-free exemption, but one of them must be a product of the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, or American Samoa.

    All U.S. Citizens traveling to the Caribbean will be required to present a passport before boarding an outbound plane.

    Two liters of hard alcohol, one must be Carribbean. Rum Cream does not count. Bring as much as you like.

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    First let me say thank you for all of your reply's! I feel stupid that I didn't just look at the MBJ airport website before I posted this question. But their website didn't confirm the duty free part of things.
    Thank you for clarifying this for me, and I was thinking this is how it would work but was not sure. I also know from reading this MB a lot of people say the duty free is much cheaper. So that is my plan , to buy all I can at the duty free. last time I bought 3 or 4 small bottles of Rum cream to give to family and friends when we returned, and several people wanted more along with myself.
    I got it now, thank you for all your information and help!!!!
    24 days and counting...

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    Lucky folks! In the US you are allowed to bring a lot more home than us in Canada!

    When we return home from Jamaica we are only allowed 1.5 litres of wine each or 1.14 litres of alcohol. We have brought back 1.5 of alcohol and not been questioned that it wasn't 1.14 . If we go over the limit we then have to pay the duty/taxes on the excess.
    Would love to try and sneak some in the checked suitcases,but afraid of getting caught.

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    My first reply to your topic: "What can you bring back from JA on the plane??"

    How about a 'Jamerican'??

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    Last trip earlier this year, we bought four bottles of rum cream each at the airport duty-free shop and brought them on the plane in the packaging provided by the shop.

    Customs at JFK just waived us through...apparently $68 in rum cream each (of which $34 was exempt) was not worth the bother of collecting duty.

    Just our experience...YMMV
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    Quote Originally Posted by JW1 View Post
    Last trip earlier this year, we bought four bottles of rum cream each at the airport duty-free shop and brought them on the plane in the packaging provided by the shop.

    Customs at JFK just waived us through...apparently $68 in rum cream each (of which $34 was exempt) was not worth the bother of collecting duty.

    Just our experience...YMMV
    The only limit on rum cream is how much you can carry.

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    I'm going to try bringing back a case of Rum Cream. The worse, they hit me with whatever tax!!

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    Apparently Rum Cream does not have the alchoholic content to qualify for customs tax. We brought back 14 bottles of it, and they just said have a nice day. Glad they did not reweigh the bags.

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    Sounds good smroot. Going for several bottles.

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