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    Default Help for first timers requested

    My wife and I ate coming to CTI the last week of August and were hoping that the veterans to the property could provide us with some advice about what to do/not do and being/don't being Thanks in advance.

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    There is only ONE thing you need to do and that is The Island! I'll leave it at that.

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    The first thing I would tell you is relax! when you get to the resort just take in the beauty of the view from the lobby. You must do the catamaran cruise. If this is your first time to JA I would do the Dunns river Falls tour. Other then that just chill out and do what will indeed comes natural. When you go, you will know. We will be there from 8/24-8/31. perhaps our paths will cross. I plan to go off property to Scotchee's for jerk one day. You are welcome to join us. Scotchee's has the best jerk on the island Otherwise I would not leave the property for food. 24 DAYS!

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    Do - eat, drink and be merry
    Do not - drink so much the first night that you are hungover or sick for days following.

    Do - try everything you can. Its free. If you don't like something, activity, drink or food wise, then try something else. If you really like it, ask for more.
    Do not expect to like every thing and then complain about the few things you don't like.

    Do - be friendly with all the staff. They will know you by name and treat you like family.
    Do not - ask them to do things that are illegal.

    Do - relax, chill, take your time, enjoy the view and all the resort can offer
    Do not - just sit in one spot all day. Try the beach, swim up bar, main pool and island. Different vibes at each place.

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