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    Default Blue Mountain Pre-dawn Hike

    Has anyone ever done this tour? It sounds amazing! My fiancé and I are going to CSA for our honeymoon in June 2014 and are avid hikers so would love to do this trip. Seeing the sunrise from the peak of the blue mountains just sounds perfect.
    Would anyone like to share their experiences? Also, which company is recommended to book this tour through?

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    That's a long way from CSA.

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    While this sounds like a wonderful experience, I am not sure of the practicality of it. If my geography is correct the Blue mountains are primarily on the Eastern/central side of the island and would be quite a trek to get there from Negril, (far west end). Considering the road system in Jamaica and the distance involved, not to mention this sounds like it is off the beaten path a bit, plus getting there to witness a sunrise, I am guessing that it would take you away from CSA for a couple of days at least. I would spend some time investigating the logistics before booking an excursion that ambitious. Hope something works out for you.

    There are some great sunsets to be seen at CSA, maybe that will quench your thirst for some beautiful horizon views. And hey, we will be at CSA in June '14 as well.

    Have a great trip!
    See you at the beach!
    dirtleg & sandyfoot

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    The Blue Mountains are on the other side of the island. You would need one day to drive there and then need to spend the night. So you would use at least 2 days of your vacation.
    Terry & Lynne

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