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    Default Mini-bar requests at CSA

    Hello all.

    We are booked to stay at CSA in January. We already did the pre-registration, and requested whiskey, vodka, and red wine. Does anyone know what brands they will typically stock? Just to make sure that we get what we like, I asked specifically for Crown Royal and a Cabernet Sauvignon (the brand of vodka is not important to us). Can anyone advise if they will be able to accommodate those requests? I know they have CR at the main bar, so it's not matter of them not having it at the resort.

    Anyone know for sure? Thanks in advance!

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    No Crown, they have Chilean wines I think. Red, white or sparkling

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    No Crown in the mini-bars, but they do have it at all of the bars.

    We took a picture of one of the wines one night, a Merlot. It was very tasty. I can't recall the choices for in-room, but they did have a red, white and a sparkling option.

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    Where do you pre register for the mini bar?

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    They are just generic brands of whiskey and vodka. I do believe you can upgrade to a better brand, but you will have to pay for it.

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    Rob and Helena, sign up for Romance Rewards at the bottom of any page and a week or so before your trip, click on romance rewards, then the pre checkin. They will ask for flight info so they know when you need a ride from the airport and you'll pick what you want in your minibar. Then on you repeat visits, you'll earn gifts and resort credits, and it's free to sign up.

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    Done, thanks for the assistance.

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