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    Default Lifestyle changer?

    Just curious - for those of you who have tried AN at Couples, does the AN follow you home? In other words, how many who try AN continue AN at places other than Couples? Or do you keep AN as a "Couples Only" activity?

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    We were first time AN'ers this past April and have since then met up with other Couples Resort customers for AN pool parties. I also catch my wife sunbathing on the deck at home nekkid at times. You may say that we are hooked!

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    Default Lifestyle changer

    Bilkat -
    You bet! We tried an AN resort in Mexico, but it was not nearly as nice as Couples. We have a place in the Ozark mountains that is very private, and we lay out every chance we get.

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    For us, it's a Jamaica thing. Sure, we've since sat out in the back yard nekkid, but we really don't have the desire to seek out A/N opportunities here at home. It's part of the Couples allure - to get back home, take off all our clothes, and just be free...

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    Yes and my in-laws know to call before they drop by. My kids - oh my poor kids know to call me if I'm on the back deck sunbathing. As far as doing it with friends - most of them do not but those that do - Sure why not! Once you get into the AN groove you'll see it's not a big deal to anybody - really.
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    The AN followed us home. We are lucky enough to live about 1 hr away from an nude beach in New Jersey. We hit it as often as possible during the summer. It now feels really weird to go to a regular beach and wear a bathing suit.
    Kevin, I remember on CTI this past April, you were talking to the turtle and stating how much you and Karen were enjoying the AN experience and wished you tried it earlier. It gets into your blood.

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    We have a secluded pool at home where we relax in the buff with friends, we joined a local nude resort, we love the clothing optional pool at Marrero's in Key West and we'll be at Cypress Cove next weekend for the biker show. I guess you can say CSS hooked us.

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    LOL Jim, I remember you well! I will NEVER mention turtle again while on the island! What fun we had, good to hear from you! Are you returning to CTI next April by chance? We're going to CSS in 38 days and returning to CTI in April.

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    The problem for me, not so much for the wife, is that I don't want to go other places since most don't have the AN option. We live in the country and have a very private place. We often sunbath naked and during the summer swim in our pond naked. We even told the one neighbor that visits every once in a while to be careful coming for a visit, he might get a surprise. We do have two college age kids and try to shield them from it since we don't want to damage them for ever!!!!

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    My husband always did the AN thing around the house since the kids have grown up and are on their own. He always says the house is now "Clothing Optional". I wasn't as keen on it until after my experience on SSB last December. Now, I am probably as much for it as my husband. We haven't really tried anywhere else AN, although there is a place about 30 minutes from our house. I guess I'm still a little bit of a prude here at home. Also, Wisconsin is a little cold at times for the AN experience.

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    Hey Kevin. Nice to hear from you. Cathy and I are going to SSB Jan 27 for 10 days. Unfortunately we won't be at CTI in April. However, when we go to SSB we'll be sure to get a daily pass to CTI. It's a little too cold now at the Jersey shore for swimming. Talk about turtles!

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    Lindad,where in wisconsin? We're east of Madison.Be at CTI & then CSS mid to late JAN.

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    Be careful! A man in Houston TX was issued a ticket by the police because a lady seen him going naked in his own home through his windows. He was not pressing the ham or flaunting anything. Just an interesting topic on the radio this morning and thought it fit this post.

    My wife and I sit in our hot tub almost every evening naked and rarely ever wear clothes around the house. We haven't been to a nudist place around here...yet but Couples has us hooked.

    Bowser...after spending a week on the island it felt wierd to wear clothes again for a long time. June can't come quick enough.

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    Sorry Sue, I didn't check this particular message for a while. We are from Central WI, Loyal, which is close to Marshfield, Which is right in the center of the state. It is about 2 1/2 hours northwest of Madison.

    We are going back to CSS in 43 days (early December).

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    I doubt we'd join any AN groups around here (central IL isn't the best area for them anyway) but I would definitely be up for an AN or topless beach wherever we go!

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    Small world Kristi! We're from Lexington (15 minutes) away from you. There is a AN club about 30 mins. away from us. We haven't been there though.

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    It is a small world.. I'm in Oshkosh, WI... few other WI people here in this thread.

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    So Barren are you going to join us at CSS/SSB and get out of this cold weather?

    I do have to say though, the last few years I am glad I was a little further north than you, we got less snow.

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    I just came back from couples tower isle yesterday and can't stop thinking about how much fun we had and how i never wanna wear a bathing suit again lol .. i totally enjoyed myself on the "island" more than i did on the resort itself.. LOVED IT! & will be going back with my boyfriend sometime next year

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