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    Default CSA old side vs. new

    Hi, starting to prepare for our 4th trip to Couples but first to CSA. We have booked a GVS. Can anyone tell me the differences between the Old and new sides of the resort and this category of room in particular?
    Thank you.

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    Older side gvs, first or second floors, lush foliage, more private verandas. Large showers big enough for two .
    Newer side , buildings with 3 floors, tub shower combo. We prefer the older side but both are really nice. Can send pics if you want,

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    The older side has more of the feel you are staying in separate beach villas set in a tropical setting where the newer side feels a bit more like a hotel. Many of the rooms in the older side have no TVs and some only have screens and wood louvers on the windows but NO GLASS to allow airflow in the day and the sounds of Jamaica into your room at night. Not to worry though. They all have AC and ceiling fans. We always book the Premier BFS in the older section and love it! Huge porches and balconies!

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    We stayed in the newer side! Loved the top floor view and more privacy! Plus we're close to everything we liked most! We were told the GVS in the older section have no tv? My hubby wanted a tv!

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    We have always stayed on the new side, not because we wanted to that's just how it worked out. And every time I always walk by the old side and wish we had gotten a room on that side of the property. They look so much more private and romantic.

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    Thanks for the info. Yes I would love pictures. Can you recommend a building or two that we should try for on the old side if we are looking for a quiet spot with a nice view. I am thinking 2nd floor old side.
    Thanks so much,

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    We stayed in one of the older beachfront suites last week. No TV, No Problem :-)

    The weather was amazing, so we opened up the room during the day since there was such a nice breeze coming off the beach. It was warm, but not sweltering hot. At night we closed up the windows and doors and turned on the AC because you loose the breeze at night, and so the heat isn't as pleasant.

    Here is a video of our room. 13 07 22 Our Room Jamaica - YouTube

    I loved our room and location on the property so much that I don't think I could consider staying in a different room. :-) I also liked being on the top floor so we could leave the balcony doors open during the day.

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    We love the original room blocks but now tend to prefer the Ocean Verandahs as my husband prefers to have a TV in the room. For me, the Beachfront and Atrium Suites are wonderful!

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    Our first visit we stayed in a beachfront, and the next three in Atrium suites. We loved them all. When we reserved for December all the Atriums were booked for our time, so we are trying an Ocean Verandah suite. It will be interesting to make the comparison. I just have to think that whatever room one is in, 9 days in paradise is still 9 days in paradise!

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