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    Default CSS bucket list and hidden spots

    I thought it would be fun to start a thread highlighting people's favorite and / or hidden spots and activities at CSS.

    I have probably a dozen favorite and sometimes hidden spots that I love at CSS, but I will stick to just one so I can give others a chance to post.

    My favorite spot is the archway to the sea - so unique - I love this spot for many reasons, the sea, the grotto, the sounds are amazing! I also love this spot because there is a sauna to the left of the archway that is built into the cliffs - my favorite way to start the day at CSS is to go down to the mineral pool - do some yoga above the fitness center, then sauna for about 20 minutes before I head through the arch to cool down in the sea!


    What's your favorite spot? Try not to be general - we all love SSB & the main beach! Instead, show us the exact spot(s) you enjoy the most.

    If you haven't been to CSS - use this thread as a scavenger hunt / bucket list to make sure you don't miss anything!

    Michael and Kristin
    CSS/CTI Oct. 2013
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    We enjoyed the chairs for tanning and the bit of sand brought to the Hibiscus Villa when we were at CSS.Name:  Hibiscus Villa.jpg
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    it's all about the kids

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    Our fave spot, which is really not such a secret, is the mineral pool. After a day at SSB soaking up the sun, we make our way back and stop at the mineral pool to soak, and relax. It is a daily ritual when we are there. It's not crowded, and the water has a way of making you feel rejuvenated.
    After that, we make our way back to the room to get ready for dinner and the night time activities. A great way for us to end our daylight hours. Truly relaxing.

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Size:  272.5 KBThis is named "the drift away," I had a massage here, and it couldn't have been better.

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    The grotto! Perfect for cooling down a sunburn or just escaping to a quiet, natural retreat. It is always the last place we stop before leaving on the bus. Dipping in for a plunge takes a little courage since the water is a bit chilly and it is like stepping back in time.
    We actually love the steps in the cliff, so book ocean view suites and request Gardenia block. I'm the early morning with a cup of amazing blue mountain coffee on your balcony, you can catch the egrets leaving their overnight tree and flying over the treeline with the ocean in the background.
    Did I mention we are nature buffs? Last thing is if you take the long walk behind the spa past hibiscus cottage (so wish we could spring for that someday!) you will get great photo spots and walk with the little lizards.

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