The wife and I are making our first trip to an All Inclusive resort this December. After LOTS of reading and researching, I think Couples Negril is the right place for us. We are both in our later 30's and though we both enjoy our alcohol, we like our vacations to be relaxing and not "Wild" (even though we do hit Key West and New Orleans some for wild times). Our beach trips are usually get up around 8:30, shower and eat breakfast, then to the beach no later than 10am. Have some drinks, eat lunch, have some more drinks and leave the beach around sundown. Back to the room, shower, then dinner and drinks, retiring for the evening around 10 or 11. Then repeat that daily. We both hate tan lines so we will be on the AN beach pretty much the entire time.

So here are my questions: Is the new AN bar a full-service bar or is it limited (i.e. does it have everything one of the main bars would have)? Does anyone walk the beach nude or do you have to put something on to do that? What are the times that the sand fleas are out (is it just sun down to sun up)?

Last question, we really aren't overly social people, just kinda like to sit and relax without having to talk to people. Not saying we won't say hello or chat by the bar, but just not the people that go on vacation to make new friends. What's a nice way to tell someone that wants to chat constantly (I have noticed in our travels that nude people like to talk to strangers WAY too much) that we just want to sit there, soak up the sun and relax, quietly?