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    Default Couples Barbados to participate in the 2nd iteration of "Barbados Island Inclusive"

    Greetings to all:

    The Barbados Tourism Authority has launched a campaign called "Barbados Island Inclusive" which essentially gives guests of participating hotels "Free Spending Money" at various attractions and restaurants.

    Couples Barbados is one of the participating hotels.

    Here are the details as provided by the Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA):

    New booking window – Aug 07 – Sep 21, 2013 ( ALL MARKETS EXCEPT UK)
    New booking window – Aug 22 –Sep 21, 2013 ( UK MARKET ONLY)

    Aug 07- Dec 21, 2013 inclusive.

    • BTA to offer “Free spending money” for use at participating attractions and restaurants.
    • Package is available to anyone booking through the Tour Operator or hotel’s website

    • UK and Europe - US$200 (BDS$400)00 per person on stays of 7 nights
    • Canada and USA – US$200 per person on stays of 7 nights
    • Canada and USA - US$150 per person on stays of 5 nights
    • Caribbean – US$100 on stays of 3 nights


    • The “per person” funds are based on a maximum of two persons per room.

    • Cash vouchers will be made up in batches of $50.00 and will be the equivalent in Barbados Dollars. Persons can pay any differential for full payment to the vendor with their own cash, but no change will be given back on cash vouchers presented.

    Ask for the voucher booklet at the front desk and HAVE FUN!

    Couples Resorts

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    Can u provide some examples of the types of places where the vouchers can be used? Can they be used for goods and services.

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    We have booked CB for November of 2014. Will this be available at that time?
    Jan and Mark
    CN 2009
    CSA 2011, 2013
    CSS 2014

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    We were going to book this week to take advantage of the current pricing...if we wait until August 7th when the booking window opens up will that $500 flight bonus be gone? Just trying to get the best deal possible! I agree with the earlier question - where would we be able to spend these dollars and could they be spent right on the resort? I'm thinking spa or candle light dinner? I love couples so much - I'm so excited to start planning our trip!

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    So if you booked before August 7th but are traveling within the alloted time frame do you still receive the "Free Spending Money"?

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    Hi Jan, We will also be there first week of November. We booked before the information was posted concerning the vouchers. Have u heard wether we get them since we did not book in the window times given

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    In order to be eligible for vouchers must both the booking window and the travel time be met ?

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