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    Default CTI dress code

    Can anyone help me get an idea of what to wear for "resort chic" as I see is required at a few of the restaurants. I don't want to look goofy :-) Thanks so much

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    Women: sundresses, skirt/blouse combos, nice crop pants with pretty blouses, fun shoes. Some women wear party dresses. I typically overdress because I think it's fun and nobody cares. I'll wear a semi-formal almost every night to dinner.

    Men: Slacks (my hubby wears the drawstring linen pants for comfort), silk Hawaiian style shirts, polos, Mandals (men's closed-toe sandals) or boat shoes, some people wear long-sleeve shirts and/or dress shoes/sport coats and ties. It's not everyone though.

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    For women, it's mostly sun dresses, maxi and short. You will see some cocktail dresses, nice capris and tops. For men, nice shorts and polos or tropical print shirts except 8 Rivers, he will need long pants for this restaurant with a polo or tropical print shirt. I have seen gentlemen with long sleeve shirts and even ties at 8 Rivers.

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    I tried to get into The Bayside wearing a tuxedo tank top. Didn't get in. Saw some t-shirts in there though. Guess the didn't like my pits.

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    Saw EVERY type of clothing known and loved the variety. Many women wore heels but also lots of flats and sandals. My husband didn't know about the dress code the first night and he went to the Veranda in a baseball cap. Nobody said a thing, but he was so embarrassed it didn't happen again. We had a good laugh because one night about five different guys had on the orange polo that was on sale at Macy's!!

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    I don't think a baseball cap is appropriate at any upscale indoor resturant. I wish Couples would post the appropriate attire on the signs outside the resturant for those that are unsure what resort chic is.

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    One of the better spelled out dress codes is from CSA at their Feathers Restaurant. Follow it and you can't go wrong at any of the resort's top restaurants. This is the posting: Dress: Elegant casual. Shirts, slacks and closed-toe shoes or dress sandals for the gentlemen and summer dresses for the ladies. No flip flops, T-shirts, shorts, jeans, sneakers, or hats are allowed. Jacket is optional.

    You need to recognize the fact that this is a resort and not a beach hut get away. It was not that long ago that jackets for the men were required in many of the top restaurants at Couples. This is the first year dress sandals are allowed for the men. Women could always wear them.

    As for the attempt to wear a tank top to The Bayside...really??? This is a five star resort and not summer break at Margaritaville! Respect...that is the key word here. There are very few rules at Couples. Following the few that exist should be easy.

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    I bring maxi dresses for most meals, but also like a cute pair of dressy shorts amd a nice top as well. I always overpack but never know what I feel like wearing until I'm ready to walk out the door. Plan on a few extra pounds by the end of the trip too. The food is that good! I don't bring heels along anymore - I opt for dressy sandals instead. Each trip I get a little better at packing, but packing for me is part of the fun.

    My husband opts for shorts and a polo unless we are going to 8 Rivers.

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    The dressiest I was at CTI was slacks and a polo shirt. Never felt "under dressed" at any of the restaurants, and (other than the two with specified dress codes) often saw guys in t-shirts and shorts.

    The wife packed a couple nice tops and slacks, and a couple dresses to wear to the dressy restaurants.

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