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    Default Who's tried Pushcart and Three Dives

    We want to try one of these places. What did you think?
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    Pushcart is awesome. We wnt there on the CN Sunset Bar Shuttle. Go for sunset, and get a tble right on the edge of the cliff. Very extensive full menu, but the ackee patties are a must try.

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    We have been to both and enjoyed both. Pushcart is a little more upscale, being located at RockHouse Resort on the cliff right above the caves that the CN and CSA Cat Cruises usually go to. 3 Dives has great jerk and live music quite often. I would recommend either/both. If I were trying just one... If you want a nicer place go to Pushcart, if you want a more local Jamaican feel then go to 3 Dives.
    All the best!

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    We have tried 3 Dives and we loved it. It's making my mouth water just thinking about their jerk chicken. If you like spice ask for their spicy hot jerk sauce, but be careful, lol. It's really worth trying and you will probably want to go back a second time.

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    Both are pretty good. Three dives is slow, slow, slow. Pushcart is decent. Lots of other spots to check out on the cliffs if you go. Three dives has some really hot jerk sauce as well.

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    Thanks for the replies, can't wait until April

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