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    Default Shrek from CN

    Just a note to say our old buddy Shrek ( Dive Master at CN ) is coming up to our place in northern Ontario this weekend .

    Will pass on any messages you may have . Going to see how he likes COLD water LOL

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    That's so nice! I'm sure he'll have a great visit. Is he the same Shrek who was at CSA back in 2008?
    All the dive masters from Couples who we talked about cold water diving in the ocean off BC Canada did not seem to thrilled at the idea of not only the COLD, murky water, but also all the gear... dry suit, tons of lead, etc... I agree with them... warm tropical water is the way to go!
    But I like Canadian water for canoeing, boating, and swimming in warm lakes in the summer

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    Please tell him that we miss him!!! And he should come to Colorado...we'll teach him how to ski!!!

    Kristen & Matt

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    Tell Shrek Hi! for me and that "Kenny Rogers" will be @ Negril October 3

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    Wahh! Missed Shrek on my trip to CN this year..could not believe he moved to Canada .only true love can do that!

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