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    I'm guessing it won't matter much since there are only 8 PBFS rooms so we likely won't be able to request anything specific when we arrive, but just curious if you recommend a particular building if it's available. I think someone mentioned noise of carts on the walkways for the buildings closer to the that really an issue? I'm not really worried, we will have an awesome trip either way, just curious. Thanks!

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    Which resort?

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    Oops, sorry...CSA!

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    We were in the Beach Front Verandah Suites in October, first floor, walk right out to the main walkway across it and onto the beach. We never heard a thing, cart wise or people wise. Of course we had the door closed with the air conditioner running.

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    Just ask for a room as close to the middle of the resort and you won't be by the restaurants.

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