So excited for our first trip to Jamaica!!

We're trying to finish up with packing and wanted to ask a few questions about clothes...
I have sundresses and a casual cocktail dress, dressy leather flip flops and sandals. My husband has a pair of dress pants/shirt and close toed sandals/shoes for Feathers, linen shorts and a nice shirt for Lemongrass, and a mix of dress shorts and dressy cargo shorts (linen-like material) with some island-y shirts and polo shirts for the other restaurants with open toed leather sandals. Does this sound ok? Other than that we have a few sets of gym clothes, pjs/loungewear for the room, several bathing suits and cover ups (sun shirts for my hubby). Am I missing anything?

I'd definitely like to check out Ray Bell and his artwork. Do I need to pack things for him to draw on or does he provide those...bags, picture frame, or t-shirts for the kids? If he doesn't have them, would I be able to buy these things if we walk along the shops on the beach or should I take them from home?

Tips are needed for the spa, driver to/from airport, Catamaran crew, beach I missing anything? I want to make sure we have enough cash.

Just wondering if I should definitely pack a collapsible bag to bring things home? Do you usually bring lots of "souvenirs" home? We drink a little but I can't see us getting more than a bottle or two of rum cream...maybe coffee...anything else that is a must to bring home?

What night is the international night buffet at the Palms and do you recommend it? Do you prefer their ala carte menu or the buffet for dinner? Other than the Wed night beach bonfire and Friday night beach party, are there any other specific nights we shouldn't miss?

Thanks in advance!!