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    Default CSS Pastry Chef Wins Jamaica's Pastry Chef Of The Year!

    Couples Sans Souci pastry chef Teresa Clarke, who in 2012 was awarded Pastry Chef of the Year for Jamaica in the culinary competition continued her winning streak in 2013 and walked away with the top award for her individual cheesecake creation at a recently held competition open to all culinarians, enthusiasts, students, chefs, school and college teams.

    Teresa joined a Jamaican team who definitely stamped their presence in the 2013 staging of the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association ‘Taste of the Caribbean Culinary Competition’.
    Below Teresa shares with us her Award winning Cheesecake Recipe:

    Thyme Cheese Cake
    400g. Cream cheese
    350g. Heavy cream
    6oz. Icing sugar
    4 Gelatine sheet
    3oz. Fresh thyme
    Cream the cream cheese and the icing sugar.
    Add thyme and mix well then add to gelatine.
    Whip the heavy cream and fold into mixture.

    Cod Fish Crumble
    2oz. Oats
    3oz. Sugar
    1oz. Flour
    3oz. Butter (melted)
    1oz. Almond (sliced)
    2 oz. Cod fish
    Combine dry ingredients and add to melted butter.
    Cook fish then bake until it becomes crispy.
    Chop the baked fish finely then add to mixture and mix well.

    Ackee Passion Jelly
    200g. Passion fruit Puree
    4oz. Sugar
    4oz. Ackee (cooked)
    2 Gelatine sheet
    Boil puree, sugar and ackee then add gelatine.
    Pour mixture into mold to set.

    Jerk Caramel Sauce

    200g. Heavy cream
    150g. Brown sugar
    50g. Glucose
    ¼ oz. Jerk spice
    Caramelize sugar and glucose.
    Add heavy cream and jerk spice then blend.
    Serving portion: 12 persons

    Couples Resorts

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    I can honestly say, CSS has THE best desserts! Congratulations to Teresa and her crew!

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    Congratulations Teresa. You are the "Sweet Genius" of San Souci. Thank You for Sharing. Pretty soon I guess we will have to
    "Eat Dessert First"

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    Wow, so cool! Congrats

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    We were at CSS in 2007 and the desserts were fabulous. We've mentioned it in a number of our postings and in our review of TA.

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    Gongrats to Teresa !!! All your desserts looked wonderful when we were at CSS in April but unfortunately I could only sample a couple here & there because of the sugar . But what I tried delicious . Hoping you can come up with some sugar free or low sugar desserts so when we visit again we can enjoy your wonderful creations . Stevia and Agave are great natural sweeteners .

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    That's great!! My husband and I will get to try her creations in Feb.

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    Just returned home from CSS and I had the most AWESOME chocolate birthday cake!!! All the desserts were awesome! At SSB, they had a wonderful mango cheese cake one day!!! YUMMY!!!

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