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    Default CSA or CSS for a group of friends?

    Hello there!

    We are planning a trip to Jamaica for May 2014 and this will be the second trip for my husband and myself( our first was to S, 2 years ago). this however will be the first trip for the other 2 couples going with us. this will be a first time to Couples for all of us and we are soooo excited!!!
    We are all in our early 30's and have children so this trip will be a nice get away from reality.
    here are some of the things about us that may be able to help.
    We enjoy a nice beach that has a good place to swim or lay our on. With or without vendors as I'm sure the vendors kinda make things interesting!
    Nice rooms. Doesn't have to be super fancy but something that will feel homey
    Nice pool with a swim up bar is a total must as the boys will be spending most of their time there
    Romantic vibe but not secluded
    fun things to do off the resort. let me be a little more specific here as we are looking for more than just a waterfall.
    we are wanting something fun that will get us to see the real Jamaica!
    good food with plenty of variety
    place that offers some sort of a nightlife after dark( yes we still enjoy a good party or two now and then!)

    I think that about sums it up!
    Thanks for the help

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    Csa is the best place for you, we won't go anywhere else now. We've been to css and while a gorgeous resort, it was a little too quiet for us. We missed the beach at csa. If you'd like some pics from csa, email me at

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    I vote CSA

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    I would also recommend CSA. It's the only Couples resort that has a nightclub as well as direct access to the popular Long Bay stretch of 7 mile beach where you can find many little restaurants and bars along the way. As well as many vendors selling their crafts and wares.

    In addition to walking the beach, I would also recommend that you spend an afternoon/evening up on the west end cliffs. You might want to check out the cliff jumping at Rick's Cafe and have dinner/cocktails at one of the many bars and restaurants close by.

    CSS is much more secluded than CSA. That being said, CSA is spread out enough, that even when at full capacity, it never feels crowded.

    With regards to the room selections, I suggest that you spend some time looking at the pictures. Our favorite room is the Atrium Suite on the "old" side. They have large balconies with hammocks. They also have no TV....something I thought I would miss, but never even gave it a second thought.

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    CSA's beach is far better than CSS. I thought the rooms at CSS were a bit nicer that CSA. At CSA we hung around the beach and CSS the pools. I'm a beach person so I vote for CSA. Both resorts tend to be romantic. CSS has lots of nooks and crannies where you will find some chairs to sit. CSA when the sun goes down has lanterns along the paths which make for a very romantic walk to dinner and after dinner. I know people say they want to see the real Jamaica, but I'm never sure what that means. I've lived overseas in a third world country and even then I didn't see the real PI. I saw parts and all those parts plus the ones I didn't see add up to a whole which is the real (name the country). Food is great at both, but CSS had better desserts. Also the Friday night Gala at CSS is something to behold.

    Overall I vote for CSA.

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