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    Default CTI Opinions needed

    Im in love with CSA. I have been to CN (not overly impressed/slightly disappointed). Now I am afraid to try the other resorts, as I can only get a vacation once per year. Im considering CTI.. How does it really match up to CSA?
    We love the beach (and laying out there and a beautiful beach), we love catamaran and water sports. We love pool bars, and night life. We like meeting cool people, and like an even show of ages.. We love great food..
    Sure, Sure CTI probably has all of these things... but I want some real meaty opinions regarding the differences and what I can expect.
    Thanks for your help.

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    Have only been to CN and CTI I can tell you that if long strolls on the beach or water like Negril is a real deal breaker stick to CSA. The only thing I enjoyed about the beach @ CTI was the privacy of it. No vendors and no noisy Seadoos buzzing around all day bothering you. Pools are spectacular @ CTI and so is the service, ambiance, and food. In other words, most everything else @ CTI will either be comparable or better than CSA since it's Couples. Our heart used to be with CN, it is now w/CTI. We are glad we chose to try it. I would love to try CSA but alas, my wife has no interest in it since it is mainly beach focused..

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    CTI is our favorite with CSA coming in second. We have stayed at all of the Jamaica Couples resorts. I would say the only thing you may miss is the large beach. The food is fantastic and the staff are the best. You will also be able to see CSS on a trading places. The two resorts are different but in our opinion the best of the four. You will only know if you try it. Even if you decide your favorite is CSA you will have been able to visit all the Resorts and know for sure for the future. Hope this helps.

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    The rooms are different from CSA, they remind me of hotels in South Beach. We had a Deluxe Ocean in bldg 4 overlooking the swim up pool/bar. Our room was very convenient to everything. A little noisy towards the end of the day when everyone had been drinking for a while at the swim up bar.

    Trying premier this time hopefully in building 2. We enjoyed the quiet at the main pool

    The beach was not as nice as 7 mile but still a nice beach, There is no comparison of the Island to CSA, you should try it at least once. Only a short pontoon boat ride away.

    No vendors at all on the CTI beach, they do have the cat cruise ( did not have it last year when we were there)

    The restaurants at CTI were just as good as CSA. I thought the staff at CTI were the best of any of the 4 resorts

    We went to Mobay for about 4 trips then to Negril for probably 8 trips then to Ocho then back to Negril and now 2 years in a row at CTI.

    The water is calmer at the Negril resorts but you should give CTI a try

    They are adding a dance club, but the night life was not great when we were there last year but that varies depending upon the occupancy.

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    I love CTI but honestly if the beach is going to be a make or break for you then you are probably better off on the Negril side. You really can't compare the two. I liked the private aspect of the beach at TI and never had a problem finding a chair in the shade but it in no way can be compared to Negril. It isn't bad, just different. CTI has everything else you mentioned...well night life I am not sure of. I really wouldn't say it had a ton of nightlife. The food is amazing and the pool bar is awesome. As for the ages of guests that is going to be a luck of the draw thing. You can never tell the age/activity level of guests from week to week.

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    Well I hope this is a meaty answer.:-). I'm a die hard CTI fan and I have been to CSA and CSS. You list the beach as your first thing in what is important to you. The beaches in Negril cannot be beat. The beaches in both Ocho Rios resorts are not even in the ballpark. That said, and I love the sea, I still prefer CTI firstly because you cannot beat their staff. I like the way the traffic flows better at CTI too. At CSA I find myself wondering which end of the resort has the better party and its a long walk to find out. Also the beach is totally private at CTI and CSS. Each one has a slightly different atmosphere and feel. At CTI I feel like we are at the Grand Lady of the resorts and there are 50% ocean view rooms. One of my favorite things is to hang out on my balcony and watch the excursions and watch people, so the view is a lot better. But really its all about what appeals most to you, so the best resort in the group is really a personal decision each for each of us.

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    We've not stayed at CTI, but have at CSS. I've read some reviews and it appears the beach at CTI is similar to CSS which is to say if you are a beach lover, you want to stay in Negril. I've never experienced a better beach than CSA. CSS had a lot going for it but it wasn't the beach.

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    CTI beach is small. That was the draw back for us. Loved the pool bar and food, but wished the beach was a little better.

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    I personally like the layout of CSA, the rooms are very private and not smashed together, especially if you are in the garden suites. Although, I am really looking forward to an opportunity to check out CSS in a few years.

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    I have been to both CSA and CTI. There are really a lot of main differences in these resorts. The biggest difference is the beach. There is no endless beach at CTI. It is a small private beach that some people like, but since I'm a beach person, it wasn't for me. The other main difference is the atmosphere/asthetics of the resort. CTI is a resort hotel where the different large buildings make the backdrop for the resort. Of course CSA is like a small village with smaller buildings spread apart. CTI has a very lively swim up pool and my husband and I probably enjoyed that the most, but a lot of people were saving chairs at the pool and so we always weren't as comfortable there as we would have liked. The food, booze, customer service, amenities and such are all the same at both resorts. Give CTI a try. You'll never know if you like it until you try it. I think there are some great excursions that are included at CTI that you don't get at CSA, so at least you can take advantage of those. Just know going in that the beach at CTI cannot even compare to CSA's long, beautiful beach. Let us know what you think when you get back from CTI.

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    Have been to both and are returning to CSA in January. We are glad we tried the Ocho side. Did the trading spaces to CSS also. But our love is the Negril side. Wouldn't want to spend my life wondering what the other side was like so we are glad we did it and now we know.

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