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    Hi could anyone tell us what is the best room for over looking the nude beach, we want to be up high and have a view of the ocean.

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    No rooms anywhere near SSB. Lots of ocean views though.
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    There are no rooms overlooking the nude beach at CSS. Sunset Beach is separated from the main resort by a peninsula which is privately owned land. It is a short walk from the main part of the resort to SSB, however. If you want to be close to the nude beach, and have an ocean view, go for a Beachfront suite.

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    There are no rooms that overlook SSB. You can request A or B block...they're the closest to SSB.
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    No rooms over look the nude beach. A & B block are closest to the nude beach.


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    Sorry There is no room overlooking the "nude beach" at CSS.

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    Firstly, the are no rooms overlooking the nude beach. SSB is totally separated from the main resort.
    Secondly, and I'm not sure if I'm the only one who read it this way, but your message sounded kinda creepy.

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    sounds like you want to gawk, not enjoy the ocean view!

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    There are no rooms over looking the AN beach. If you want high and over looking the Ocean, G block has the best views.

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    There are no rooms overlooking the nude beach. However A block is the closest and the third floor offers the best views. We have always stayed in b block and loved it. However we were put in A block second floor. We loved it!

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    At CSS, there are no rooms "over looking" the nude beach. The rooms closest to the nude beach entrance would be the one bedroom beachfront suites. From the OBBFS, you walk down a short path/roadway to the entrance of the nude beach. We enjoyed our view from our room in A Block 3rd floor. We got to watch the morning crew clean up the beach, watch the vendors setting up shop, and could hear the ocean waves on the beach every single day. You can see the ocean, but it is not a wide open view, some palm trees, and the beach grill are between you and the ocean, depending on which block you are in.

    The rooms with the best wide open high up view of the ocean would be the One Bedroom Ocean Suites, or the Penthouse Suites. However, these rooms are on the opposite end of the resort from the nude beach, so you will have a 5 minute walk to get to the nude side. It will all be downhill though, so its not too bad. However, be careful how much you drink while at the nude beach, because the walk back is all up hill, and it seems like the more you drink, the steeper the climb is... You can call a courtesy shuttle though, and they will drive you up to your room, no problom!

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    There are no rooms overlooking the nude beach, that would be a bit weird wouldn't it? The nearest block to SSB is A or B. Try there.

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    You can't see the nude beach from a room at CSS. Block A is the closest to the beach but it still around 100 yards/meters away and there are a lot of trees etc and high ground between the two.

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    There are no rooms that overlook Sunset Beach.

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    There is no room that overlooks the nude beach. The "A" building is the closest to the nude beach but it's a little walk to get to it. Not far, but you can't see it from the rooms.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thetwoofus View Post
    Hi could anyone tell us what is the best room for over looking the nude beach, we want to be up high and have a view of the ocean.
    There are no rooms at CSS that overlook the nude beach (SSB - SunSet Beach). The closest rooms are in "A" Block but it is still a little walk down a path to the beach area.

    Pathway to SSB
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    None of the room overlook the nude beach.

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    No rooms overlook SSB, that is completely private. The closest rooms to SSB are the Beachfront Suite rooms which look out at the ocean but and are at beach level. The ocean suites are built up the cliffs and some provide the overlook of the clothed beach. We like being up high and stayed in a one bedroom ocean suite in G block which had a great panoramic view of the resort.

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    No rooms overlook the nude beach. Rooms in A block and B block are the closest to the AN beach and require about a 2 block walk. Once you are at the AN beach, you will find a grill, lunch catered to the beach, the beach bar and a pool. No reason to leave for the rest of the day! You will enjoy!
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    Thanks everyone for your answers. No don't want to gawk but its nice to be close to the beach and have an ocean view. We stayed at CN and we could see the beach and ocean from our room and loved it that's all didn't mean to sound like a perv like some of you think.

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