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    Default Tropical Storm Dorian

    We are arriving at CSA on Tuesday, looks like Dorian is headed that way. What do you experts think about this storm and the affect it may have on our stay at CSA? Will activities be shut down due to high winds or waves?

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    According to the models, which have been widely agreed upon by many experts, it will stay to the north, with The Bahamas and Turks & Caicos expected to take the brunt of it. If it jogs south, just a bit, which is not expected, it could brush the VI, Puerto Rico and/or Hispaniola (DR/Haiti), but Jamaica is not expected to get anything from this one. It's following a warm water pattern to the north.

    (disclaimer: I am NOT an expert in any way, shape, or form. Just been following this stuff almost every year since 2002)
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    I'm not an expert but we'll be there the same time so we've been keeping an eye out too. It looks like it's going to pass north of dominican republic and cuba. Those islands should shelter Jamaica from high waves though depending on how big the storm is we may still get rain. Guess we'll have to wait and see!

    Should still be a good time regardless.

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    Oh no! We arrive Monday morning. Just pulled up a weather site and it says Dorian is projected to hit Puerto Rico early Monday morning and likely Dominican Republic early Tuesday. I don't mind a washout of a day or two due to rain, I just hope we can land ok. Curious how much rain/wind this will send to Jamaica. Safe travels, Hogman!

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    Wow! My expert guess is its gonna rain oh wait. It's summer aka hurricane's gonna rain, anyway! Relax and enjoy! We were at CSA during Sandy last October... It's pretty cool seeing what an amazing job the resort does prepping for a storm! You'll get rain. Enjoy!!!

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    We are heading to Belize on Saturday, so I have also been tracking Dorian. The Weather Channel says that conditions are not favorable for Dorian to strengthen (wind shear, dry air in place). It is also tracking NW right now, which would take it up into the Bahamas. Sure, some activities may be cancelled due to rough seas. Heck, that happens in January when there are no hurricanes. At most, you may get a day or two of a lot of rain. Try not to worry about it, since there isn't anything you can do about it anyway. Just stay informed. And bring some good books or videos and you will be fine.

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    No worries, it's not a threat...Tropical Storm Dorian expected to weaken tomorrow - News - Go-Jamaica

    We'll be down there on Saturday for a week...can't wait!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hogman View Post
    We are arriving at CSA on Tuesday, looks like Dorian is headed that way. What do you experts think about this storm and the affect it may have on our stay at CSA? Will activities be shut down due to high winds or waves?
    We arrive on Mon. I sure hope the storm takes a turn AWAY from us


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    We are arriving there Tuesday as well and would love to hear any information.

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    We are arriving Monday and I was wondering as well.

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    We were at CSA last year in mid-August when a tropical storm passed close by Jamaica and all we experienced was rough surf, and that didn't last very long. I think the storms tend to affect the north coast (Ocho Rios) more than the Negril side. That said, the weather is unpredictable, but you won't have a bad time either way.

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    We fly in on Wednesday for our third trip to CSA!! Watching the weather updates constantly. Now it seems that Wednesday will be the day Dorian makes its way over Puerto Rico. I hate to fly so this is really starting to make me worry about what the flight from Orlando might be like! One more Xanax, please!
    Can't believe we have to worry about a tropical storm again! Last October we were at CSS when Hurricane Sandy decided to pay a visit!!!
    Dorian please take a hike!! But not towards sister will be there next week on a cruise!

    Hogman...let's keep fingers and toes crossed!

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    I think it is much too early to tell. The computer models are just getting to the point where they are even in the islands and the cone is very wide at this time.

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    We were at CSS last year as Sandy passed right over us. The resort was amazing as taking care of us. We did lose three days at the AN beach but other then that it was an adventure. The resort has large generators that provided power except for a few hours early (around 3am) to service them. This storm looks like it will be nowhere near the power of Sandy. So, go have fun... But, this is why you should have insurance in case you decide to cancel or re-schedule.

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    A few years ago we were at CN when we were brushed by a hurricane. It rained like I have never seen for a full day. The waves were the largest I have seen and I live on the East Coast. When the rain ended the beach was littered with Seaweed, Star Fish, Shells, and many poor dead fish. Staff started clean up as soon as soon as the storm ended and by the end of the day you would have never known that we had been brushed by a Hurricane. Unless you walked the beach to the resorts on either side. Their response was not as quick or as complete. Couples is prepared and that is why we are headed back on Sept 9-18. If we get hit with a storm, no big deal. Just enjoy the down time with your loved one and get to know the bartenders and other staff alittle better. Cant wait to be home again!!!

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