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    Default Getting nervous.

    Hi everyone,

    Our wedding is officially booked for October 16th. I'm really excited but going crazy as well, I have so many questions....your help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. How did you transport your wedding dress? I have a full length gown with a small train. I called American Airlines and they told me that the "may" be able to hang it up in the coat closet for me depending on availability. "May" doesn't sound very reassuring. Do I just put it in a foldable garment bag and hope for the best?

    2. Will there be someone there to help me put my dress on? It's a lace up and I can't put it on myself. Will they let my fiance get dressed somewhere else so that he doesn't see me before the ceremony?

    3. Will they press my dress?

    4. We have some friends joining us just for the ceremony from a different resort. Do we get passes for them when we get there or do we order them now?

    5. Do I need to plan anything before I go....activities and such?

    I apologize for the million questions, but I'm freaking out a bit. Thank you so much!!!!!

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    First of all, congratulations! You've just made the BEST decision on having your wedding at couples! My husband and I were married at Swept Away April 2012 and it was wonderful.
    1.We flew US Airways, but I had my dressing and his suit hanging in a garment bag that I carried onto the plane as a carry on. As soon as I walked onto the plane the flight attendant told me to hang it up. I didn't even have to ask. On the way back (still US Airways, I was told there was no room so it had to go in an overhead bin). I think going they can realize you haven't gotten married yet so they're more willing to help you keep it from getting wrinkled.
    2. The wedding planner is there for you and she will help you put your dress on. We had family with us so I didn't need the wedding planner for that, but I have seen lots and lots of pictures with the wedding planner helping the bride put her dress on. My fiance got dressed in the room and I got dressed in the locker room at the spa. I had my hair and makeup done so it was easier for me to do it there. It was absolutely no problem and they were more than accommodating.
    3. For a fee they will certainly press your dress. We had mine pressed (like yours, it had a train) and the suit and dress shirt. I think it was around $80 for everything.
    4.Can't help you with passes, sorry.
    5.We didn't plan anything before we went. We did several group activities (there were 10 of us total) and we just reserved everything when we got there. Also if someone wanted to do something (i.e. snorkeling) but others didn't, no one felt obligated to do so simply because it had already been arranged.

    Couples will absolutely take care of every little detail for you and it will be so stress free. I have a detailed review of my wedding under "our wedding at couples" titled "Gabe & Mary Elizabeth - April 26, 2012, CSA, photos by Misha Earle." Feel free to ask anymore questions you may have. We're all here to help!

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    Thank you so so much for your reply!!!! You just made me feel 10 times better!!!!!

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    Congrats! I agree, you made a great decision with Couples. They made it such an easy, fun and memorable experience for us. My husband and I just returned from our wedding and honeymoon at Tower Isle. We had such a great time, and I'm sure you will too!
    1) We were on Air Canada, but I had my dress in a garment bag, which they folded and hung initially, but moved it to an overhead bin for me. Honestly, it didn't even wrinkle, but I opened the bag once we got to the resort to let it breathe and the humidity did the work for me.
    2) The wedding coordinator will definitely help you lace it up!
    3) You can get your dress/suit pressed, but with the humitidy we didn't need to. My hubbie and groomsmen just ironed their pants right before the ceremony and it looked great!
    4) My dad and his girlfriend were our only guests that came in from off resort - for both the rehersal dinner and the ceremony the next day. They paid their fee at the reception desk when they arrived at our resort, but if your guests don't pay the bill gets charged to YOUR room. If you want to pay for them, I'm sure you could talk to the reception and figure that out.
    5) You don't need to plan anything before you go. You'll have a few appointments set up for you with the wedding planner, photographer, etc when you arrive. The toughest part is finding a clock to keep on track! Island time, mon! We had a group of 16, but everyone just arranged activities that they were interested in as the week went on. Just remember to book your dinner reservations when you arrive to ensure that you get the times/dates you want. We also booked the catamaran cruise when we arrived so our whole group could go together. Otherwise, no worries!

    Try not to stress about the little things. Looking back now, we were way more worried than we needed to be. Couples made it everything we had dreamed of and so much more! It's all IRIE!

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