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    Default CSA- Garden Verandah Suite Questions

    Ok so we are booked Oct 6-13, just 73 more days! We are booking in the Garden Verandah Suite. I was reading posts trying to see if this will have a shower only or a tub/shower combo. I am finding conflicting info(yes they were only posts). They stated that the Garden Suites are now rolled into the category of Garden Verandah Suites but that they do not have TV's, mini bars, or bathtubs. Can anyone tell me from recent experience is this true? Also I understand it is not a guarantee but that you can make room requests upon arrival. Is it best to request the "newer" side of the resort and if so do you suggest ground floor or 3rd floor? Also any recent pics of these rooms you are willing to share with us newbies?

    We are so excited to get away for a bit. Thanks for any feedback.

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    If you want TV, you have to be on the newer side. Thy have tubs with showers. We just were there in this room category in April and go back in 5 weeks. Which floor is up to you...we are in our 60s so we like 1st floor. You may even get a partial ocean view depending which building ya get, but regardless youre not very far from the beach nd road noise is a non issue if you close the bathroom window...we were in building 10 last time and loved it...very tropical!

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    Robngina31, we've stayed in both the newer side and older side gvs. Yes, the older gvs have the large shower only (will fit two ) and the newer ones have the tub shower combo. All rooms at any couples resort have mini bars and most categories have tvs, except atriums and I think. We loved the easy access from the first floor but you can't sleep with your veranda doors open, that's the only drawback there. It's the only category we book mow to save money. If you'd like some pics, email me at
    I can't seem to post here most times.

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    We also asked the same questions on our first trip going because many people had said different things about the garden Verandah suites. When we heard that there was no TV we didnt really care because we were going to spend all day outside. Turns up, there is was a TV, shower with a bathtub(shallow thou), and a minibar. Our room was to the left of the resort on the second floor near Patios. We loved every part of the room because as I said before, we cared only about the beach and activities. We didnt request a room but they gave us there best suggestion and it was perfect. Here are pictures of the view from our balcony and the view of right outside the room looking at the beach. Name:  IMG_20130420_183723_975.jpg
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    HAVE FUN!!!


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    We were in a Garden Veranda Suite in June and my suggestion is ask for a corner one - more windows and balcony open on 2 sides. We were on the 2nd floor (top in our building) and we loved our room. It had a shower.Hope this helps, and incidentally, we'll be back Oct. 5- 14th, so maybe see you there.

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    We'll be there October 4th-12th and we have a GVS booked also. All GVS rooms now have TV's and minibars. The older section GVS rooms have the large shower with no tub. You can request a room once you are at the resort and are checking in. I only know what the newer GVS rooms look like and we like the 3rd floor corner rooms for privacy and more natural lighting in the room. I am so torn as to what GVS we should request. Good luck deciding and we'll see you at CSA this October. CSA ROCKS!!!!!

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