Hi everyone! I'm planning my 2 week honeyoon June 9th-23rd and want to stay at couples! I'm thinking that we will go to CN and CSA each for one week.

We are very active and definitely won't be sitting on the beach all day every day, we we'll definitely be trying to do as many activities as possible! I see that there are many excursions/ activities at each resort, most of them are the same. Does anyone have suggestions for which location we should go snorkeling at, scuba diving, etc or are they basically the same?

Does anyone have a suggestion on which resort we should go to first?

Also, well have $300 resort credit to use, any suggestions on what to use it on? Bummed that we can't use it for swimming with the dolphins, ziplining, etc since those are off resort, but I'm sure we can find something to use it on!

Thanks in advance :-)
- Kerrie