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    Default Zip Lines at CSA....

    Are there any good zip lines to go and do while at CSA?? And how much time of your day does it take up??

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    Yes, there are two options, and both are about the same distance from the resort, about an hour and a half drive.

    The first, and lesser of the two, is the zipline at YS Falls. It's not a tour, per se, but more of just an attraction at the falls. It's a single-traverse. We've been to YS Falls, but it didn't look very appealing for the extra money.

    The second option is the Jungle Canopy Zipline Tour, which is at Chukka's Montpelier Outpost. We did this a year and a half ago, and it was pretty awesome. It's a 9-traverse zipline tour through a hilly jungle area. We did the zipline only, but you can combine it with river rafting or kayaking, too. If you only do the zipline, you leave from the resort around 8:30a or 9a, maybe stop at a couple other resorts to pick folks up, and get there by 10:30a-11a. The tour itself lasts about two hours, then you grab a bite to eat and a beer at the shack, before heading back. You get back to the resort around 2:30p or so. (We had folks from CSA and CN in our van)
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    You betcha -- Chukka Tours offers an awesome zipline tour. You can book it right from CSA. I think we left the resort around 930 and were back by 3. The tour is outside of Montego Bay so expect a 1.5 hour drive each way. We've been twice, and absolutely loved it.
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    We went Zip lining at YS Falls during one of our trips to CSA. We combined it with a trip out to Floyd's Pelican Bar. It took the entire day. I would imagine you can do it in a half of day if you only wanted to go to YS Falls and depending how long you wanted to stay. It is well worth the trip. We are planning on going back to Floyd's when we return again in Dec. Enjoy your time.

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