Hello everyone-
I've been lurking the message boards looking for feedback regarding our trip to JA in December 2013. We've booked for CTI 12/20-12/26. It was really hard to make the decision because CSA was initially calling my name but the price looked better for CTI-so I booked. Now, I'm not sure if I made the "right" decision (I know you can't go wrong with any Couples resort-based on the reviews). So, I figure if I told you a little bit more about what we are looking for maybe you can convince me that CTI is/isn't the place for us.
1. Weather is important-Which will offer more sunny days-especially in December? CTI or CSA?
2. Beach is not super important to us but would like to know more about the beach at CTI (not comparative to CSA because I know it's night and day). We tend to be more pool people but does anyone know which has the better pool atmosphere?
3. We don't care alot about nightlife but do enjoy a more lively social scene during the day (beach or pool activities/games, overall fun atmosphere).
4. The rooms at CTI seemed more "updated" (we don't care about fancy rooms and we know not to expect that at any Couples)) but how do the rooms compare between CTI and CSA? We've booked a premier room at CTI and I know only GVS and GHVS are available at CSA right now.
I hope that someone can shed late on whether we've made the "right" decision...please help :-)