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    Default Transportation from CSS to Negril

    We are planning to split our stay this winter between CSS and CN. If anyone has done this we would appreciate knowing:
    -the length of time it takes to get from CSS to CN
    -do you have to stop at the MoBay airport to pick up other CN guests on the way to Negril
    -what time of day does the CSS to CN shuttle go (it would be preferable to be able to leave CSS at 2 or later so as not to miss out on our favorite time of day for the beach and would get us to CN in time to check in and find a spot for dinner.

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    We have done this 4 times (once from CTI to CN and twice from CSS to CNN and once from CN to CTI). Unless things have changed, Coupes will provide you with a private transfer at the time of your choice with no stop at the airport. We have always left at 6am which gets us through Montego Bay just before the morning traffic gets bad. We have always made it in between 2 and 2-1/2 hours, averaging about 2 hours and 15 minutes. If you leave at 2pm it will probably take 4 hours. I think you would get better beach time at CN anyway.
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    We did a split stay CSS/CSA in June. We left CSS at 11am and made it to CSA a little before 2. We didn't stop at airport. I think the will take you when ever you want to go, but check out time is 11am?!?

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    We had a couple on our airport shuttle in July that were transferring from CSS to a Negril resort. So they had to stop at the airport. It may just depend on how busy the shuttles are. We left on a Sunday and our shuttle was full. We tried to leave earlier, and that shuttle was also full.

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    We will be doing a transfer from CN to CSS in a few weeks on Tuesday August 20th. I would like to get there by 1:00 at the latest. Do you think leaving at 10:00 would be ok? I am not sure what times the traffic is bad in Montego Bay that we would want to travel around. I would prefer it not take 3 hours. We can leave at 6 am, but I would prefer not to leave that early ( I am on vacation) and our room wouldn't be ready at CSS at 8:30 am anyway. Advice appreciated!

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    Take the plane

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