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    Hi Jeff

    The time is not important as I know Harry & I will be propping up the bar around that time anyways, so don't stress about it too much you are on holiday. I will try and find a photo of Harry and I but that maybe a mission due to the fact that I hate having my photo taken so you may end up with just a picture of Harry, but I will be the short dumpy one that is stood besides him. LOL
    The AN thing its Harry you will need to convince not me really as I am comfortable in my own skin but not sure about Harry, will be working on him for the next 104 days so you never know. I sound really brave but when it comes to it I may change my mind, but knowing myself after a few drinks anything sounds like fun so I will probably give it a go.

    Look forward to seeing a picture of you two so that at least I can put a picture to the messages.

    Anyone else want to join us at the pool 21st January around 12 - 13 hours feel free and we can all get to know each other in the flesh as to speak.

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    Glad to see some repeaters and some new couples! Don't forget to do the double digit dance this weekend! We know of at least 2 or 3 more couples that will be there...perhaps they will post soon.

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    Hi Guys,

    I did the two digit dance yesterday- woo hoo, it felt so good.

    98 sleeps and we will be on our way - that's only 14 weeks. So that's only 98 days of checking the message boards for at least an hour a day, when I should be working but dreaming is much more fun.

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    Names: Frank and Susan
    Ages: 61 and 47
    How many times to CSS: First time
    Trip dates: January 12-26
    Room type: Verandah Suite
    Reason for trip: Relax and Rejuvenate, FUN without worry
    Where you from: Ontario, Canada
    What you're looking forward to most: Everything - I've always wanted to visit this resort!
    Will you go A/N during trip: Not likely, maybe one day.
    Drink you're looking forward to: Red Stripe and - Susan: Cream Rum Smoothie, Frank: Dirty Banana
    Kids: Two daughters in early twenties
    Level of excitement (1 - 10): 25

    This is a fabulous forum and we're so excited and looking forward to meeting everyone. At this point we are looking at pictures every day just willing the time to come.

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    Names: Barry and Jackie
    How many times to CSS: Third time to CSS
    Trip dates: January 24-31(CSS)Jan 31-Feb 5 CN
    Room type: Beachfront-We have done Beachfront and G Block Penthouse. Both nice!
    Reason for trip: Rest and Relaxation
    Where you from: Ontario, Canada
    What you're looking forward to most: SSB
    Will you go A/N during trip: YEP
    Drink you're looking forward to: Mimosa for breakfast/Caesars mid-morning/wine lunch/rum afternoon/Bob Marley late afternoon.
    Kids: 3 Boys
    Level of excitement (1 - 10): 7-don't want to peak too soon!
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    Ok boys and girls, less than 90 days to a late January experience at CSS... and SSB
    Who's fired up!

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    Yep - Ready to go!! Time to start shopping for suntan lotion. I try never to touch the stuff, but I think this trip I'll have to make an exception. Are they all pretty much the same slimy concoctions, or does someone have a favorite to recommend?

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    I'm still a fan of "blue lizard" brand sunscreen. I burn easily, but this stuff works well and stays on for a long time, even in water! You can buy it on and Another nice feature is that they sell it in carry-on compatible size tubes. This is very important to us since we don't bring checked luggage!

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    Name:  Harry in Cuba.JPG
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    Hi Guys, not sure if the picture will come out as not very good at the computer thing.
    I have tried to attach a picture of Harry, as I said in my previous posts don't like my picture being taken.
    We are now down to 86 sleeps and I am addicted to the message board, spending at least an hour a day on here and dreaming, but soon we will go and know.
    Jeff I find that P20 is great, I suffer with prickly heat and burn really easily but using P20 this is minimal and the best thing is you only have to apply once a day so don't need to take it to the beach, 1 less thing to worry about.

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    Hi we are Ed and Holly we will be at CSS January 2-9 our first time at CSS we have been at CN 3 times Can not wait.
    Anyone else going to be there that week?

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    Ok, 75 days until CSS. Now, I'm getting excited. Keith, how about you! We need some new game ideas for SSB.

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    Well peeps, 74 days to go.
    Booked the seats on the plane and managed to get the ones we wanted, so life's good.
    Harry has ordered Champagne & Chocolates for the flight, just to kick start my birthday celebrations, after 31 years he is still so romantic, not the tough Yorkshire man he tries to portrait.

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    Chris, we'll be bringing one or two of those soft Frisbee-like disks that Rob brought last year, along with some paint in case people want to do that. We usually bring some cards and dice, too, but those don't tend to work that well on the beach or in the pool. Last year one of the CSS staff taught us a couple of card games that they like to play. We played those games at the swim-up bar, which worked ok. We travel with carry-ons only, so we can't bring too many large items!

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    70 days... Woot!!!

    If I wasn't so damn busy working I'd have started tanning by now. I may be pretty white when I get there... Good thing we've got sunscreen already!

    We use Aveno 30 for face and Neutregena spray stuff (30) for body. Anything higher is like spackle so we just reapply every couple of hours (and shade hop) as needed.

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    Well guys, we have hit single digits at least in weeks. LOL
    63 sleeps / 9 weeks till we get to know.

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    Well peeps, we are down to 54 sleeps, once Xmas is out of the way there will be no containing me, so excited now

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    Default Marnie and Dave

    It will be nice to see some familiar faces like Krazy Keith!!!! We are arriving the 18th, staying til the 25th with our friends Mike and Kathy!
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Hi, Marnie & Dave! Glad to hear you'll be back again! Can't wait!

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    Hi keith!!!!
    It should be a blast once again. We can't wait to see the new and improved SSB!

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    Hi Guys, well the 40's have gone and now the 30's are here.
    So 39 sleeps till party time.
    Looking forward to meeting and greeting you all, and hopefully Harry will try SSB

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    Right around 30 days left! Remember to pre-register for your romance rewards gifts!

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    Happy holidays everyone, but Jamaica soon come.
    Well goodbye to the 30's and welcome the 20's.
    Only 28 sleeps till we are on our way.
    I love Christmas usually but the holiday has taken over my life. As you can tell on here at 8am in the UK when I should be working and planning Christmas activities, but sometimes other things are more important, such as do I pack that dress or not. LOL
    Have a good Christmas everyone and I hope we meet soon

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    Happy Holiday to you too!! (and to all of you) My countdown clock just broke 23 days. Now that we got Xmas out of the way, time should fly.


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    11Days & counting. Really getting excited now that have went through the holiday rush and Christmas celebrations. 1st time at all inclusive and all adult/couples resort and looking forward to much needs r &r r with lots of fun mixed in. Will be turning 50 day before we leave so we will be doing some celebrating too. I'm addicted to looking at the post &reviews daily. A little confused as to where. or which building we hope to have our room in. By the reviews there is really not a bad room. Can't wait..

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    Is there a & day dance? Well we are doing it will be there January 2

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