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    Default Beach front room at negril. Worth the extra money?

    Was at sans souci 2years ago and loved the convenience of beach front. Is it worth the extra money at negril or is a basic room suffice? Also how are vendors on the beach in bloody bay and 7 mile? They over ran the beach years ago when we were in puerto Vallarta and for that reason have never returned there. Loved the quiet beach in sans souci. Thanks

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    CN is a little different than CSS, the beachfront rooms at CSS are all in 2 buildings. All of the CSS rooms in 'A' and 'B' block are beachfront rooms and are closest to the beach. At CN the beachfront rooms are spread out among several buildings but are on the end of the building closest to the beach. The buildings sit at an angle towards the beach. A Deluxe Ocean could give you the same view depending upon the building and which floor you are on.

    Our first stay at CN was beachfront and it was not the best view of the ocean but you could see it. Subsequent trips, we had a better Ocean view.

    I know exactly what you mean about Puerto Vallarta, such a beautiful place but the vendors were relentless all day long. Bloody Bay is not like that, only a few vendors.

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    We had a ground floor beach front and LOVED it! We walked right out of our patio on to the beach!

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    All three times we were at CN we had a beachfront suite and loved it! Huge room and equally huge bathroom, plus the snackies delivered in the early evening. And I agree about the Mexican vendors...took a girlfriend a couple of years ago back to the Mayan Riviera and was appalled at the fact that the vendors came right up the beach and under your palapa waving silver bracelets, etc. at you!! Not so at any Couples - security keeps them at a distance. They aren't allowed much above the high water line I think. Thank you Couples!!

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    ok thanks. DH really wants a beachfront, but I am not so sure. Guess we will see . Glad to hear that the beach vendors are not so bad as in Mexico.

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    For my wife and I we dont think it is worth the extra Money as we did not spend that much time in the room and when we did it was not really to look around and enjoy to room. To be honest I would save that extra money and use it to spend a day or 2 longer in a less expensive room, but to each there own.

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    I've had Oceanview, Beachfront, Deluxe. The resort is so small and everything close that I see no reason to book anything other than the Deluxe. I like being able to save the money and stay a few days.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    Our first trip to CN we had a Deluxe Beachfront room. We've been back every year since our honeymoon and now always book a deluxe garden.

    When we had the Deluxe Beachfront, we never used that sliding glass doors to enter the room. I would say go with just a Deluxe Garden and stay longer!

    Now, the Beachfront Suites looks great. We have never stayed in them because we would rather stay longer than have a nicer room. Just remember, all rooms are pretty much the same except for the suites.

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    CN is such a compact resort, you can get to the beach very quickly from any room. I do not think the beachfront room is worth the extra money. It is the exact same room as garden view and you are not looking directly at the beach anyway.

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    From our perspective, yes. Are the other room types good? Yes. We like to sit on the verandah early morning, sip some coffee. Sit on the verandah in the evening watch folks stroll's certainly convenient to the beach as well...One year told the bellhop after he asked if everything was okay with the room, I responded straight faced, "kinda far to the beach, isn't it?" He didn't know what to say, then I had to bust out laughing...To us, it is awesome. To others, it makes no difference. We can all agree that if you are at Couples, you've made a good choice.

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    I love the beach and spend most of my CN days there, but we book the lowest level room and are very happy with it. We had a penthouse suite with amazing ocean views at CSS, and thought it was totally worth it, but we don't think the cost difference at CN is worth it.

    The vendors at CN are not bad, we actually really enjoy them and think they add a lot of flavor to the beach. The beach is really deep, the vendors have to walk along the water, and can only approach you if you request it. Security makes sure of this. The musicians are great--you have not lived until you have heard "Country Roads" sung reggae style on the beach at CN.

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    Quote Originally Posted by weewane View Post
    For my wife and I we dont think it is worth the extra Money as we did not spend that much time in the room and when we did it was not really to look around and enjoy to room. To be honest I would save that extra money and use it to spend a day or 2 longer in a less expensive room, but to each there own.
    Well, this year my wife stated that if we were going back to Negril, she DID want to spend the extra money for the beachfront suite and wanted to stay one day LESS (7 instead of eight). Go figure...

    Naturally I agreed to her "terms" because I love going to CN. Beachfront suite, here we come, in 115 days.
    Janice and Keith in FL

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    Haven't been to CSS but understand that, at CN, none of the rooms is truly beach "front." All of the buildings are at an angle to the beach. Beachfront rooms are those at the ends of the buildings closest to the beach. If you have a ground floor room, you will be able to step off your patio onto the sand. But the views are still at an angle.

    We've had garden views all but one time when we were upgraded to beachfront. While the beachfront was definitely nice, whether I'd pay for it would depend on the extra cost. We very much enjoy the greenery, the birds in the trees, the lizards, etc. And we're at the beach/pool all day so have an eagle eye view all day long!

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    thanks for the info. Guess it is a matter of tastes and still have a while to decide before we book.

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    We stayed in a BFR on our last trip to CN. Totally worth the extra money. We had a beautiful view of every sunset and could watch the weddings from our balcony. The vendors are not a problem as long as you are direct with them. Just say no thank you or respect man. They are very friendly and some actually had some beautiful items. I purchased a necklace that I consistently get compliments on when I wear it. Headed back on 9/9 but are trying CSA this time....Enjoy!

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    So you have probably received enough responses but we just returned from CN and would have to say no to the beachfront room being worth it. We stayed in 2202 deluxe garden and loved it...first time in a garden room. It was on the second floor second room from the end closest to the beach and looked directly over the spa pond. The palm trees practically felt like the were growing in the room and it was very relaxing watching the fish and the local birds. I would save the money or at least use that money on some other great things offered at the resort.
    The vedors aren't bad and Donivan is absolutely wonderful to listen to...but granted he isn't the best singer but he is most definitely passionate!

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