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    Default Concern about luggage...

    So I have a silly but concerning question. We just booked our flight for Next May. We will be leaving indy at 5:15am and arriving in Charlotte at 6:58 then it's off to Jamaica at 7:55am. We are flying US Airways. My concern is that since we only have like a 50 minute layover. Is that enough time for our luggage to make it to the next flight. I would absolutely hate for us to arrive in Jamaica and not have our luggage. Anyone ever have any issues with this? Anyone take these flights? We have not had any issues before but we have usually had at least a 2 hr layover. But, with what happened to us last year we wanted to get the first flight in to Jamaica.

    Thanks! Cant wait to be back to CTI in 298 days!

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    Mrs O: I too live in Indy and your luggage has plenty of time... flying through CLT is a snap... enjoy your vacation

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    We have never had any issues losing luggage on any of our trips anywhere. We have only been to Jamaica once, and had an overnight layover, so we collected our luggage and went to our hotel with it. But my wife also runs a trip for 8th graders to washington DC every year, and we have never lost any of their luggage either, even with a 45 minute layover (granted, there was an hour and half maintenance delay). The only issue we had was American Airlines tossing our luggage around, to the point that the zipper busted completely open and spilled all of our clothes out, and all over the baggage claim carousel. Some of the stuff we never did find, and must have gotten "lost" in the back area with all the employees.

    270 days 22 hours 9 minutes until we finally get back home!

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    Two years ago we had a 1 hr layover in Charlotte. Luggage did not make it. An hour and 15 minutes layover on the return flight thru Charlotte again and luggage did not make it. This was the only time the luggage did not make the transfer in 3 previous trips to Jamaica and numerous trips to other islands. Luggage showed up at 10 PM arrival day. They told us our luggage was put on the next flight. We had to wear our clothes from wake up at 3AM thru flight and thru Friday night gala at CSS (ugh). Luggage did not show up until next day at our home on the return flight.

    We did pack our swimwear on our carryon so we did go to beach in afternoon, but had to put back on the same clothes after our shower.

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    I travel a lot, but within the states, and less than an hour has been plenty of time for luggage to make it in most cases. There has been a time or two where the luggage didn't make it with me, but that was years ago. With all the technology they have gotten much better at transferring the luggage.
    That being said, there can always be that "time" so I would suggest packing at least 1 change of clothes and your swim suits in a small carry on, then if your bags don't arrive with you, you can at least chill out by the pool. It sounds like you are getting to Jamaica in plenty of time for your luggage to "follow" you on a later flight.
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    I have had short layovers before, and never had my luggage lost. In fact the only time our luggage did not get where it was going at the same time as we did was when we got stuck over night because of a snow storm in Minneapolis, and then it got left in Atlanta for a few days. Thank heavens that was on our way home. I always pack a couple of types of clothes and a swim suit and coverup in our carryons. That way if we are missing any luggage, we still have some to fall back on. Also, if you are taking a piece of checked luggage each, pack some of eace persons in each bag rather than one persons per bag. That way even if one gets lost, you still have the other.

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    Obviously, nobody on the message board can make any guarantees, but you should be fine.. We always take that same transfer out of Denver, but we arrive at 5:55 and leave at 7:55, and have never had problems. However, we've had layovers that were less than an hour before and our stuff has made it fine.
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    At that time of the morning, you shouldn't have any problem. Be on the safe side - carry on a bathing suit for each of you, any important medications and your toothbrushes. That'll get you through the first 24 hours.
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    We had a 50 minute layover in Charlotte a couple years ago. We left msp an hour late because of deicing problems. I thought for sure we would miss our connection or our bag wouldn't make it. Luckily our gate was right across the hall. They hadn't even started to board yet. Everything was fine! You'll be fine.

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    We have done the short layover before that same flight to MBJ a few times and our luggage has always made it. You probably will find that your 7:55 flight won't take off on time anyway so it is rare that there would be a problem.

    If you are looking for something to worry about though...

    When we have flown home through CLT with a relatively short layover it has been a problem several times. Since when you land at CLT you have to go through Immigration lines, then claim your luggage, then work your way through the Customs line, then put anything that cannot be carried that you may have bought at MBJ (usually rum cream for us!) into your luggage, then go and re-check your luggage, then go through the TSA security lines again, and then go on to your gate. If time is short due to a late takeoff from MBJ, or a long wait for Immigration, slow luggage arrival off the first flight, slow line at Customs, slow TSA security lines to get back to your next gate.... it can be a problem. Hopefully you have a decent amount of time between connecting flights on the way home. Or better yet.... a direct non-stop flight home (which is worth it's weight in gold to us!).
    Have a great trip!

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    We have had as little as a 45 minute layover in Atlanta and our luggage arrived with us. That said, we always pack a swim suit and a change of shorts in our carry on bag just in case the worst case scenario happens.
    Jack & Donna

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    We had one bag not make it on one trip once. It was to Puerto Rico, with a layover in one of the hubs. I donít recall which airline, to be honest. We typically have layovers of around 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. I donít think that was even a short layover. This was the only time a bag hasnít made it for us in all our trips.
    However... Just in case, we always pack clothes in our carry on. I do get a little carried away sometimes, packing in all my fav. clothes and bathing suits, but it is a good idea to at least have 1 of everything important to you (i.e. 1 bathing suit, cover up, pair of shorts, top, dress, underwear, sandals).
    The other thing we do is cross pack our checked bags. That way if only one bag goes missing one of us is not without everything.
    Because of this, the one bag that didnít make it to Puerto Rico until the next day (but thankfully before our cruise), wasnít a big deal.

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    I wouldn't worry too much about it, but I would pack some outfits and especially your swimsuit in a carry-on just to be sure you have something in case it doesn't arrive with you.

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    We just flew with US Airways July 4-14 on a similar timed flight. I was worried about the same thing also. I always make sure to pack a change of clothes and swim suits for each of us in our carry-ons just in case! Anyway - there was no problem at all. Our luggage arrived at MBJ right along with us. When we landed in Charlotte the gate to get on the flight to MBJ was right next to where we exited our 1st plane. I'm guessing this made it easier/quicker for them to unload and reload luggage as they didn't have to move it very far. Worst case scenario is your luggage is delayed, you go have fun at the resort and someone will deliver your luggage when it comes in on the next flight. (OK - that's not how I would look at it but it is a positive way to look at it!) Don't worry and go and enjoy CTI!!!!

    NOTE - On all our US Airways flights we happened to be in boarding zone/group 5. We were seated in the area of seats 15-17. They announced on every flight as we were boarding that all passengers in zone 5 would have to gate check their bags due to the plane being so full. I only think a few people really had to gate check their bags but they were bags that never should have been allowed as carry-ons to begin with!

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    We've flown US Airways from Detroit Metro through Charlotte for both our trips down to Couples, and have had no problems either time with our luggage. Our first trip we had a relatively short layover (maybe a little longer than an hour) and our second trip I booked so we had a longer layover (just about 2hrs, so we could get something to eat)

    Airlines I think won't book someone on two flights that they wouldn't be able to switch the luggage between in time.

    I wouldn't worry about it, but I would pack a carry-on with enough "bare necessities" to get you through a day or two, just-in-case.

    Enjoy CTI!

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    We just flew from Vegas to Charlotte to Jamaica...we had a hour and 15 minute layover going and a hour layover coming back. I wouldn't be too concerned going the airline transfers the luggage for you but coming back you go through immigration and customs and we had to run after immigration to recheck our luggage and run to our next gate...

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    On a related note, does anyone have luggage brand recommendations? I have had a few luggage casualties lately (bent frames, handle that ripped off, etc) and am looking for advice! Thanks.

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    In twelve trips to Jamaica with layovers in various cities, we have only had one missing bag. The bag did show up later in the day. That being said, I always pack a swim suit, and my outfit for dinner that night with shoes, in my carry on.

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    Last year we left Philly at 10 am and got to Jamaica around 2 pm. We were waiting to get our luggage off the conveyor, and only 1 bag showed up. We went over to the customer service desk to file a claim, and they said our other bag took an earlier flight and was sitting by the desk.

    When we do pack our luggage, I always put half of my clothes in 1 bag and the other half in the 2nd bag, in case one bag gets lost or delayed. We also take a carry-on bag with a couple of days clothing, swims suits and other things.

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    We only have 42 minute layovers in ATL and never had problems. We always pack a swimsuit, sandals and small suntan lotion bottle with us.

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    the one and only time we had a layover in Miami our luggage went to it the next day but a sick feeling waiting for it.never again,we only go direct flights.

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    Thanks everyone for your responses! It puts my mind at ease.
    I always bring a change of clothes and swimsuit's and necessities on my carry on. I have to thank everyone for the suggestion of packing both of us in each of our suitcases. I did that last year and thought it was a great idea. I wish I would have done that a few years ago when I went to Europe and I only got 1 suitcase out of 4.

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    I just got a set of Heys USA luugage and love it! It is hard luggage with really 360 degree spinners and is really organized. I used it for our trip to Couples Negril last year and it worked out GREAT!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Me&Tee View Post
    On a related note, does anyone have luggage brand recommendations? I have had a few luggage casualties lately (bent frames, handle that ripped off, etc) and am looking for advice! Thanks.
    I have found the better the luggage, the more "durable" it is, the harder they try to destroy it. I just get something cheap (thrift store/salvation army) and use it till I can't anymore. I am always so happy when I spot my bag and my dirty underwear is still being contained inside. I really do worry about that.

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    smroot- That's hysterical. Getting to your destination with your luggage in one piece is definitely an accomplishment! I was on a flight recently and looked out the window to see the bag guys literally stuffing someone's underwear back into a suitcase. It wouldn't stay closed, so they resorted to throwing everything in a large plastic bag. I didn't stick around to see whomever it was claim their destroyed suitcase from the luggage claim....

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