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    We had a short layover in Chicago and still made it. Just in case, however, I had stowed our toothbrushes, suits, and a 3oz bottle of sunscreen in my carry on bag. I figured that way if they lost the rest I could still enjoy my vacation!~

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    I have found the better the luggage, the more "durable" it is, the harder they try to destroy it. I just get something cheap (thrift store/salvation army) and use it till I can't anymore. I am always so happy when I spot my bag and my dirty underwear is still being contained inside. I really do worry about that.
    Oh my!!! That is so funny. One year my husband and I went to the Dominican and I had bought him a cheap "Jeep" luggage set from Walmart...when we landed at the airport at home we couldn't find his carry on that the airline had checked! We are standing there by the luggage belt and we see one solitary tennis shoe.......then a white tshirt.......then a pair of Men's boxer briefs, it's at that point that we realize all these items look familiar!! Our bag had been beat to a pulp, it was torn and the zipper was completely ripped. It was NOT funny then but it is sure funny now!! The airline gave us a $50 baggage voucher but it still sucked!

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