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    Default Couples Tower Isle Wedding - On the Island!

    I know that I had a lot of trouble finding reviews and pictures from weddings on the island, so I wanted to be sure to post at the very least the pictures that I have from the wedding!

    I will keep it short and sweet: Everything was everything I could have imagined and more. Wedding planning was easy as pie (some emails back and forth with Sophia during the months leading up to the wedding, and a 1-hour meeting with LaToya upon arrival), and everything came out beautifully.

    We hired DJ Smooch (don't worry about him -- he will get the party started!), and the food and decorations were amazing! I did not know what our cake, centerpieces, or much of anything was going to look like until we headed to the island that day!

    I hired my own photographer and flew her in, although we don't have any photos yet.. I will be sure to post a link to those as well when I receive them!

    If anyone has questions for me, feel free to ask! Below are a few photos, as well as the link to my FB album. It should be public and you should have no trouble viewing it, but if you do, please let me know!

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    Finally received a few photos from our wedding photographer, and they don't really show the island or the wedding itself, I thought I would share. Photos are by Christina McNeill (Home | Christina McNeill Photography San Francisco and Destinations Christina McNeill Photography San Francisco and Destinations)... She's awesome! Check her out if you're looking for an outside photographer! Just note she IS from California, so if you use her you will be paying her flight and room, but she worked with us to make it affordable!

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    Truly magnifient place you have choosen for your wedding. Photoshoot is so impressive, both are looking gorgeous, I wish to plan the my dream wedding same as you did. Thanks for sharing these couple of photos.

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    First of all, congratulations and wow, the pictures are amazing!

    Since you are not opposed to questions, I do have a couple. I am getting married at the private island at CTI in just under a month (I have LaToya as my coordinator too) and I was wondering if you have any general advice. Things that I could overlook etc. By the sounds of it, they take great care of everything though, which is awesome.

    Also, what time of the day was your wedding at, at what time did you leave the island and did you do anything afterwards in terms of a disco/after-party etc.?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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