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    Default Our Weddingmoon at CSA Sept 2014

    Hello everyone,
    My husband and I were just married at CSA on Sept 12th. What an amazing, stress-free experience.
    Our wedding planner was Alecia, she was so pleasant to deal with and she took care of everything. We arrived to CSA on a Monday, met with Alecia on Wednesday for half an hour and everything was set. I had my dress steamed at the resort and it was ready on Thursday. I originally had a 4pm time for the wedding, but changed it to 11am for fear of rain...which I was glad I moved the time, because it was raining at 4pm.
    We chose the Tropical Package for the wedding and added on the 3 piece steel drum band for the reception portion. It was awesome.
    We got married on the beach at the gazebo...very pretty. I chose 4 songs for the ceremony portion (2 songs for our guests to be seated to, 1 song for me to walk down the isle to, and 1 song for us to walk out to after we were married.) We had 8 guests.
    After the ceremony, Alecia escorted our guests to the garden area where the reception was set up, and we went off with the photographer for a bit to get beach pictures. We used the resort photographer (Martin) he was very good and we were happy with our pics. My advice would be to have a few ideas to give him of pics/poses you would like.
    The reception was very nice. The 3 piece steel drum band was a great addition, there was a full bar set up and finger foods for us to munch on. (You are able to pick which foods you want.)
    It was HOT! Ladies, when deciding on your hair, I encourage an updo! I was so glad that I decided to wear my hair up. I had my hair and makeup done at the resort spa. Miss Carly did a wonderful job and I was very happy. She is a woman of few words, but she works magic. I went on Weds for a trial run where I gave her my ideas and she worked on my hair and showed me what it would be like. I told her I wanted my makeup to look natural and I was VERY pleased with how it turned out for my wedding day.
    Having our destination wedding at CSA was the BEST decision we could have made and were VERY happy with the way everything turned out.
    Please feel free to ask me any can also email me at

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    We were married on the exact same day at CSS!! We used the Gazebo overlooking the water. What a perfect choice and place to get married as the staff made our day perfect! Many pictures to come in the coming days!

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    Default Wedding in April

    I was wondering if I can hear more about your wedding! I am going to CSA for our wedding on April 28th 2015. We are doing the wedding with the private reception and after reading your post I got exciting to see that someone else also chose to do a reception. I have not heard anything about how they do their reception and would love to see pictures and get details. We were also considering the steel drum band and would love your input! Thank you so much

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    I am really happy to read this sharing , i'd like to know more about your wedding , having also a charm to considering all the drum bands as input and all like that stuff , any how i'm really glad and excited to have this sharing
    Gloria J. Millar

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