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    Default Average age at CN?

    My fiance and I will be going to CN September 16th for our honeymoon. We are both 24 years old.. will we be out of place?? Either way we'll make friends with anyone!

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    You will not be out of place at all. It's truly a well-balanced mix of early-20's to sky's-the-limit. On our first trip in 2007, my wife was 30 and I was 32, and almost everybody we hung out with were between 22 and mid-30's, but we made friends with a lot of people in their 50's, too. One of my favorite repeaters, who we've hung out with on all three trips, is a guy who's my dad's age, and he has a son my age. Once you look over that railing, everybody turns into a child at heart (in a good way, mostly)

    You're gonna have a great time!
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    We will be there for our honeymoon on the 23rd so well probably just miss you but we are 23-24 as well. I was wondering about the same thing.

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    We will be there 09/17 thru 09/22 and we have our own age range ... Wife 30 and myself 43... Age is just a number or so I tell my wife !!

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    We are in our late 30's and when we went in March, it seemed like most people were older than us. I would say average age is mid 40's with people in their 20's and people in their 70's there. With that said, we are currently planning our 2nd trip there for next year. It was amazing.

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    We have now been to three Couples resorts. I am in my 40s and my beautiful wife is in her mid 30s. It does not matter what age you are you make your vacation what you want. There is plenty of stuff to do if you want and if you want to just chill...there is that option as well

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