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    Default Tired of hearing it...

    Ok.... So all the Couples resorts are not brand new filled with granite and marble, fancy china, butler service, etc. So what??? These things do not make a hotel a so called 5 star by no means. If people think "new" is better than "traditional", then I certainly hope they stay elsewhere.
    We have done the Vegas thing, the fancy cruise ship thing ( the Oasis of the Seas), and every time we are comparing to Couples. Yes they are older hotels. Yes they are "dated". Yes they may not have glitz and glamour. But THAT is what makes them unique.
    Our home, CSS, is our paradise. Our place to unwind, to be together, to renew our love, to truly relax.
    I don't care that it is old. I don't care that it may need some tlc. I love it as it is. Older, rustic, relaxing. A true island experience. If I want glitz and marble and granite, and if that is to me what make a place special, then I can save some money and stay here, or go to Vegas.
    To me, a 5 star is resort has nothing to do with the decor. Nothing to do with granite, marble, or even how new it is. It is the staff, the food, and the ambiance that make anything a so called 5 star.
    After 2 trips to CSS, the second being better than the first, we have found the staff there to be the best, the most helpful, the most accommodating of all places we have ever gone. I pray that never changes.
    You can have all the glitz, all the fancy, over the top so called "luxury", but you will never have the "ambiance" that CSS has. This is a place to call home. A place you can relax where everything is "irie", and any request is " no problem mon".
    That to me is 5 star.
    Can't wait till September 28th when we get off the bus and hear that "welcome home".

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    I couldn't agree more!!! There is a terrible review just posted on TA and it makes me crazy the BS they worry about.. Like the check in for example, why do people think this is different then other hotels. "oh we got there at 11am and my room wasn't ready until 4" Pack your bath suit in your carry on and enjoy the beach.
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    Totally agree. We are back to CN in September for trip #3 and have also booked for trip #4 in September 4014. We will keep going for as long as we can afford it.

    Couples Negril - September 2011, 2012, 2013
    Retired & moved to Cozumel, Mexico January 2014

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    I COMPLETELY agree with you! We arrived at CSS October 2012 and found it to be almost magical. Your vacation is what you make of it. We have stayed at some very glitzy places and some not so glitzy places and have always managed to have fun. As a matter of fact, some of the worst places we have stayed still make for fun memories.

    CSS is so relaxing..a true paradise. The staff is incredible! The rooms are very clean and comfotable. Decor??? Who cares??? I don't go on vacation to stay in the room.

    On our way back October 18.......soon come!

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    We feel that way about CTI. We were worried the remodel would ruin it for us. Some of the changes were not our favorite. But, for the most part they upgraded some needed things and left the old CTI for us to enjoy.

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    Very well said!

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    That is why in my TA review under the room recommendations I put something to the effect that if "you're looking for marble and glitz, go some where else." We loved CTI before the renovations and we continue to love CTI after the renovations.

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    100% agree. I was initially concerned before I arrived at CSA in December 2012 that the dated rooms would affect my vacation. I could not have been more wrong.

    Food, staff, beach...they were just about perfect.

    It was the best vacation ever and the only place my husband and I have been to that my husband actually insisted that we return to. December 2013 and December 2014 are already on the books.

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    Couples is all about the people, and making sure the "couple" is very well taken care of so that the couple can focus on enjoying each other (and the beach/bar/restaurant/pool/etc)...But first is the people part. If they should lose sight of this core value then they would morph into just another AI. My belief is that Couples understands this better than most, and have been successful in weaving this into their corp. culture.

    I always chuckle at the picture postings of some kind of "ick" on some plumbing from some contortionist only vantage point under a vanity or something...They should check out the beach instead - mind you it is full of sand!! OMG.

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    We agree as well. We are booked for trip number 5 to CN and taking 2 other couples this time and can't wait to see their expressions when they see it. We have never really stayed somewhere "glamour and glitzy" That really isn't our thing but I don't see CN as outdated as many say. I see the age as charming....heck we all age and CN ages beautifully. The rooms are nice and clean, which is all that matters, the staff is OUTSTANDING and the food is great. For those who don't like it, that's fine too, that's why we are all different. Couples is special and not all can understand that...if someone doesn't let them go somewhere else and leave those of us who appreciate and love Couples to have it to ourselves.

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    What gets me is the "lack" of research travelers do and then complain? For the amount of $$ one is spending do your research....check it out before you book it! Its simple really.

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    Our first experience to Couple will be in October, so I do not have first hand personal impressions regarding the "star" arguement, but In theory I agree with you 100%. I have been all over the world, seen just about everything in terms of 1-6 star establishments....sometimes there is no way to address a vacationers expectations
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    Very well said novastar. We love Couples!! We haven't been to your Paradise (CSS) yet, but we are booked for April 2014 and we can't wait!! Well, except for all the sand on the beach..... YUK!!! Hahahahaha.

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    Everyone has their own opinion on what they are looking for. sometime we make the right choice, sometimes not so much. I agree with doing the research. Personally I get annoyed with all the sand gravity! I try really hard to get up but it keeps pulling me down into the lounger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodbridgeata View Post
    Everyone has their own opinion on what they are looking for. sometime we make the right choice, sometimes not so much. I agree with doing the research. Personally I get annoyed with all the sand gravity! I try really hard to get up but it keeps pulling me down into the lounger.

    LOL...Hate it when that happens

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    Count me in on agreeing with everything that has been said. I love CN - we will be returning in April 2014 with another couple and I;ve already told them that if they are looking for glitz and glamour this isn't the place for them. But if they are looking for a relaxing resort, beautiful beach, clean rooms, and wonderful staff and food, then this is the place for them. While Couples may not be for everyone, it is just perfect for me and my hubby.

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