Ok.... So all the Couples resorts are not brand new filled with granite and marble, fancy china, butler service, etc. So what??? These things do not make a hotel a so called 5 star by no means. If people think "new" is better than "traditional", then I certainly hope they stay elsewhere.
We have done the Vegas thing, the fancy cruise ship thing ( the Oasis of the Seas), and every time we are comparing to Couples. Yes they are older hotels. Yes they are "dated". Yes they may not have glitz and glamour. But THAT is what makes them unique.
Our home, CSS, is our paradise. Our place to unwind, to be together, to renew our love, to truly relax.
I don't care that it is old. I don't care that it may need some tlc. I love it as it is. Older, rustic, relaxing. A true island experience. If I want glitz and marble and granite, and if that is to me what make a place special, then I can save some money and stay here, or go to Vegas.
To me, a 5 star is resort has nothing to do with the decor. Nothing to do with granite, marble, or even how new it is. It is the staff, the food, and the ambiance that make anything a so called 5 star.
After 2 trips to CSS, the second being better than the first, we have found the staff there to be the best, the most helpful, the most accommodating of all places we have ever gone. I pray that never changes.
You can have all the glitz, all the fancy, over the top so called "luxury", but you will never have the "ambiance" that CSS has. This is a place to call home. A place you can relax where everything is "irie", and any request is " no problem mon".
That to me is 5 star.
Can't wait till September 28th when we get off the bus and hear that "welcome home".