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    Default Dolphin excursion anyone?

    We plan to do the dolphin excursion while we are there and I have seen very little on the boards about it. Has anyone done it before that can give me some details?

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    My BF and I did it and its really overpriced. The pictures are too expensive. You spend more time getting there than you are in the water. And then they want extra money to allow you to swim with the shark. Your money is better spent doing other things.

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    We did it last May. It was fun. Is expensive. Is one of once in a lifetime do things.....meaning been there done that! It depends on how much money you have to spend and if you interested.

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    We did it last August and really liked it! It was a little pricey but it was a "once in a lifetime kind of thing". We got to hold a sting ray too!!!!!!

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    I wouldn't spend a dime on one of those Dolphin Prisons. They should be swimming free in the ocean.

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